Leaders Come Together for Fresno Summit

Fresno Leadership Summit

Dozens of member-leaders from Region 4 came together on April 8 to make new connections, grow and share ideas. The six-hour summit provided inspiration and nuts-and-bolts training on building our power and building resistance in the workplace and in the community.There were pieces on politics, communications, and goal setting and planning.

Riko SpeechUnions are under attack across the country. The Supreme Court now has a majority that will likely rule against workers’ rights and the right to organize. The majorities in both Congress and the Senate are not favorable to the rights of working people. American workers stand to lose not just their unions, but the rights necessary to build and grow them. If we are going to stand up and fight back, now is the time.

SEIU Local 521 Chief Elected Officer Riko Mendez shared his powerful vision for the future of our union. The union of the future will be more dynamic more responsive. “We’re making big changes in the way our union works. We’re rethinking the way we build steward capacity, revamping how we communicate with members, rebuilding our community relationships and returning to our core values.”

“All of these ideas I’m presenting came from members. These are not my ideas. They came from the conversations I’ve had across the local with members like you.”

Members came away from the event energized and ready to build power. Jennifer Jensen, a long-time SEIU leader and activist, told the group she is less than two months away from retirement. Her commitment isn’t going to end when she stops working for the county. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be here fighting for working families and building power for a just society. I’m just getting started.”

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