Nurses Lobby for Safer Workplaces

pic3SEIU nurses from across the state lobbied the Legislature in late March in support of a whistleblower protection law for healthcare facilities. SEIU members have worked to pass hospital regulations that created nurse-to-patient ratios and ensured that nurses are not required to work outside their areas of expertise. These regulations protect the public and save lives every day.

Our team of nurses had very productive visits with five legislators and spoke at the Health Committee hearing where the bill passed. We now move forward to the Judiciary Committee and will work to create a stronger bill that can gather more support.

Carmen Morales 2“We need as many people as possible helping to move this legislation. We worked so hard to get laws protecting our patients, but we have no way of enforcing those laws without whistleblower protection. Stand up for quality patient care.”

– Carmen Morales
Nurse Practitioner, Kern Medical


Health Facilities: Whistleblower Protection (AB 1102) allows nursing staff to follow the law without fear of retribution. It amends Health and Saftey Code Sec. 1278.5 to prohibit management from retaliating or discriminating against a nurse who refuses unsafe patient assignments that violate legal ratios. It also includes protection against being forced to:

  • Float to patient areas outside their competency;
  • Assume care of other nurse’s patients to cover breaks;
  • Take patient assignments when acting as the designated charge nurse.

Contact your organizer or shop steward to find out how to get involved.


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