Protecting Trial Courts from Deep Cuts

Court Lobby Day - May 17

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SEIU 521 Court Workers David Santiago (Kings – first left in the photo above), Steven Raley (Fresno – second left), Barbara Graves (Fresno – right), and Rebecca Lloyd (San Mateo – not pictured above) joined about 50 SEIU members in Sacramento on May 17 to help protect California trial courts from deep cuts.

The fight is not over! Tell your legislators to do the right thing so that Californians are able to obtain legal service in a reliable timeframe: Take action here today!

Tell Your Legislator: Create a budget that’s fair. Keep trial courts whole.


This year is a make or break year for the trial courts.

If the WAFM (Workload Allocation Funding Methodology) model continues, without additional funding, donor courts will have to write checks to recipient courts out of their operating budgets. As a result, regional courts will need to lay-off workers; the public will have less access to their regional court to deal with custody battles, domestic violence cases, and other life changing legal decisions constituents rely on from the trial court system.

As court workers, we want to make sure the trial courts are well funded so that Californians—regardless of county—are able to obtain legal service in a reliable timeframe.


  • Direct the Judicial Council to allocate money from the $10 million statewide emergency fund to Donor courts to keep them whole
  • Direct the Judicial Council/AOC (Administrative Office of the Courts) to work with the Legislature and Stakeholders to develop a new funding formula for fiscal year 2018
  • Bring Back Court Reporters to Family Law – $17 million to be implemented over 3 years
  • Increase the Court Report Transcript Fee
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