Shoddy and Dishonest Healthcare Bill Passes

The Affordable Care Act repeal bill has passed in the House. All to pay for huge tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%. This replacement bill is far from the “better” plan the GOP leadership promised; instead, they have hastily cobbled together ideas that would actually result in millions of Americans losing coverage, increased costs for all of us, and fewer protections from insurance companies’ predatory practices.


BUT OUR FIGHT IS NOT OVER! If your Congress member voted for this, call them now and tell them how their vote will impact you. Then get ready to call your Senators. 

“Our new GOP-led House is hell-bent on doing everything they can to funnel our tax dollars to their wealthy contributors. It’s our country, it’s our House and in 2018, they’re going to hear our voices.”
– Rogenia Cox, AFRAM Caucus Vice President

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At stake are Medicaid, affordable coverage for people over 50, those with pre-existing conditions, and affordable access to coverage for more than 24 million people. The bill will endanger the lives of 133 million people with pre-existing conditions by allowing insurance companies to charge as much as they want, and will completely gut Medicaid for 74 million seniors, children, and people with disabilities.

SEIU’s International President Mary Kay Henry: Senate must fight for our families by taking action against House Republicans healthcare repeal vote which is an attack on jobs and lives of working people

SEIU State California President Laphonza Butler made the following statement:

“California’s Republican Members of Congress who voted for this shoddy and dishonest bill have turned their backs on their constituents like Richard Ditruri, a home care worker from Tulare and a Trump voter, who is devastated that the seniors and people with disabilities he and other caregivers care for will lose the healthcare and home care they need to survive. As leaders in the Fight for Our Health, SEIU members have never been more fired up to protect the health care services we provide and that our communities count on.”
Read the full statement here.

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