Healthcare Repeal is Defeated!

We did it! Our calls, our rallies, our actions made the difference! The U.S. Senate voted on July 27 to reject the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that would have left 16 million more Americans uninsured and raised premiums by 20% annually.

“For years, I could not afford health insurance for myself until the Affordable Care Act made this possible. I am relieved that the repeal was defeated. Any repeal bill would have put the health of 1.5 million self-employed workers and small business owners at risk in California.”
Nancy Harvey, SEIU 521 Child Care Provider

Californians had the most to lose. Any of these repeal attempts would have put at risk the coverage of over five million in our state, cut and capped Medi-Cal and our state budget by $30 billion a year, and undermined key patient protections, including those for people with pre-existing conditions, all to pay for huge tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%.

The #Fight4OurHealth isn’t over. We know there are other ways our bosses, Congress and the Administration can sabotage our care. Right now, millions of dollars in ACA subsidies are still at risk of being cut. We must also stay vigilant against efforts to cut or cap Medicaid in the federal budget, or other legislation to pay for proposed tax giveaways for corporations. We must continue to make our voices heard and demand that our care is not taken away.

We are stronger when we rise together. As our fight is not over, we are joining forces with allies to kick off a healthcare voter registration movement to hold elected officials accountable for the attacks on our families’ health and support those who protect care.

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  1. Diana Branco says:

    I am voting NO

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