Kern County Bargaining Update – July 19

County Strikes First to Contract Out and Restrict Overtime!
Bargaining Update for July 19

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And so the fight begins. At the bargaining table yesterday, management proposed to have complete control to contract out all custodial, maintenance and landscape for all classifications outside a 3 mile radius from the CAO building. In addition, the County proposed to restrict overtime provisions, similar to safety unions, that only hours worked counts towards overtime and would add in our agreement that a 120 hour cap exists for Compensatory Time Off (CTO).

Click here for the County proposals.

Click here for the Union proposals.

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Contracting Out

It is unknown how many employees would be impacted by the County’s proposal to contract out –  we have requested information to understand what specific classifications and where employees are assigned to work.



The County did clarify that the intent is not to lay off workers but may be reassigned to regional areas, but this could still be a hardship for our workers.  The County also stated that they would not fill these positions lost through attrition if and when an employee leaves County service. 


While we have overtime exempt employees who cannot get overtime for hours worked over 40, Management can STILL get paid overtime, even though exempt. WHY IS MANAGEMENT SPECIAL? Its time the County invested in our workforce and filled vacant positions that are causing workers stress and impacting the quality services we provide. The demand from the public is increasing, yet the staff is decreasing.  



Time to Unite and Fight back!!! – Attend one of the Unity Breaks next week and stand up for our County jobs and services. Purple Up everyday next week to show solidarity!

  • Monday  July 24 CAO office at 10am
  • Tuesday July 25 DHS Columbus Center at 10am-10:30am
  • Wednesday July 26 DHS OC Sills at 10am
  • Thursday July 27 Behavioral Health on Oswell 10am
  • Friday July 28 DHS Kinship 10am-10:30am

Stay Informed!

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