The Purple Buzz – July 2017

The Purple Buzz
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SEIU Local 521 Convention

Every three years, we elect delegates to come together, review our progress and help develop our priorities for the coming years.
Get involved: Help define the direction of SEIU Local 521! Nominations are now open for delegates to the convention. Reminder: Nomination petitions must be postmarked by July 25, 2017, and received by the union office no later than 5 p.m. on July 31, 2017. The convention will be held from October 13 to October 15 at SEIU Local 521 Headquarters in San Jose.

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When We Fight, We Win!

Victory for Child Care

This year’s state budget creates stability for early educators and the child care system by maintaining and increasing reimbursement rates for child care workers, investing $25 million to keep working families eligible for child care assistance, and adding almost 3,000 full-day state preschool spaces.

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Healthcare Repeal is Back

Our efforts are working but the fight is not over! Now, the Senate GOP is considering repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replacing it later. The Congressional Budget Office reported on July 19 that the solo repeal option would cause 32 million Americans to lose health coverage over the next 10 years – 17 million in the first year alone. It also estimates that average premiums would increase by about 25 percent.

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AB 1250: Protect County Jobs and Quality Services

Support AB 1250

“Commonsense Outsourcing Standards” (AB 1250) would protect taxpayers by requiring counties to clearly demonstrate that a proposed outsourcing contract will result in actual overall costs savings and also to show that the contract does not cause the displacement of county workers. Don’t miss the op-ed to the Mercury News by Riko Mendez, SEIU 521 Chief Elected Officer.

We’re making progress! California State Senate Governance and Finance Committee passed AB 1250 on July 12, but the bill still needs our support before it can become law.

Stay tuned and support AB 1250 now:

For other news, check out the July edition of our Talking Points:


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