Disney comes to Kern CAO’s office lobby

Alsop muralThere is a new floor-to-ceiling mural in the CAO’s office that greeted us as we went to bargain our contract today. It’s clear that the CAO is out of touch with Kern County workers. We can no longer agree to ZERO. Serving our community with no resources, reduced staff, and no support from management seems impossible, but it’s not fun.
The County came today with two language proposals and we were able to agree on one. There was no counter on wages because they are meeting with the Board tomorrow in closed session for direction on how to reach an agreement on wages for workers.
The board needs to hear from us before tomorrow’s closed session. Urge them to invest in the Kern County workforce and help us reach an agreement that puts us on the path to responsible recovery.
Click here to send email to BOS: http://521.seiu.org/KernRising
Stay tuned and purple up on Wednesday when we go back to the table.
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