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Jose and his husband give back to their community in countless ways. As healthcare professionals, they serve low-income patients at the clinic where they work. As SEIU 521 union stewards, they help their coworkers have a voice on the job. But Jose’s husband is a DACA recipient. Even though he has lived in the US for two decades, even though this country is the only home he knows, he fears deportation. He fears losing the community he serves and belongs to.

If Jose’s husband were a citizen, he would be able to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer. If given the chance, he would become even more ingrained in our community. Share this video on Facebook.

Defend the Dreamers and TPS!

Call your Members of Congress and tell them to pass a clean Dream Act and save Temporary Protective Status (TPS).

This issue is personal for many in our SEIU family and we must take action to protect our brothers and sisters.

Call 1-888-204-8353 and tell your members of Congress that hard-working Dreamers and TPS immigrants deserve the opportunity to be productive members of society.

Virtual March for a #cleanDreamAct
Join the Virtual March because every dream is worth fighting for. Every immigrant deserves the opportunity to be a productive member of society. Click here to join the Virtual March for a #cleanDreamAct!


#SaveTPS #cleanDreamAct

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