Together We Rise Newsletter – November 2017

Together We Rise

Don’t be Fooled by the “Right-to-Work” Slogan

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the anti-union case Janus v. AFSCME and could make a decision as early as March 2018. This lawsuit is a result of the “right-to-work” campaign, a misleading attack waged against unions that is funded by billionaires to increase their power by suppressing and silencing our voice and bargaining power. In states that passed anti-union “right-to-work” laws, workers make on average $6,109 less per year than their counterparts in collective bargaining states, experienced cutbacks in benefits, and lost the ability to negotiate many working conditions.

Alysia“As a union, we are preparing to do more than simply survive in a post-Janus environment; we are readying ourselves now to grow and thrive in the future. That determination is what shaped every facet of our recent local convention that commemorated our ten years as SEIU Local 521. We embraced ‘Together We Rise’ as a mandate to successfully recommit, grow, and mobilize our membership.”
– Alysia Bonner, SEIU 521 First Vice President


JOIN UP: We’re Stronger Together!

To prepare for post-Janus, we all face a choice to strengthen our union together now so that we can protect our contract, our wages, benefits and working conditions.

Here’s what you can do:
1. Re-commit every member at every worksite.
The higher our membership, the more power we have at the bargaining table, and the better our chances of winning a good contract.
2. Welcome every new worker and explain to them the values of joining our union.

So get ready and have conversations with your coworkers!
Join now:

RISE UP: Say NO to Tax Cuts and Rigged Budget

Congress is paving the way for huge tax giveaways to millionaires and corporations at the expense of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and education programs that matter in the lives of working families. These efforts are a direct affront to working families and our communities. We are fed up with a political and economic system that is rigged against us. Call your Member of Congress at 1-855-713-0060. Tell Congress to prioritize the needs of working families, and reject these tax cuts and rigged budget.

Riko Mendez“This proposal would be devastating to poor and middle-class families, particularly in California, all to pay for tax cuts for the super-rich. Join us in stopping these tax cuts and rigged budget!”
– Riko Mendez, SEIU Local 521 Chief Elected Officer

WIN: Historic Win for City of East Palo Alto

Our City of East Palo Alto members recently celebrated a contract win in October 2017. The bargaining team, in conjunction with the full membership, fought long and hard to achieve historic new benefits and salary increases. This will help workers make ends meet, as the City of East Palo Alto is one of the lowest paying employers in Silicon Valley.

City of East Palo Alto Members
“This is an example of what great teamwork and persistence can accomplish. The City of East Palo Alto is often the forgotten city within the greater Silicon Valley, but this time we stood strong together. At a time of growing economic inequity in this region, this contract win is a bright spot for our members.”
– Janet Nuñez, City of East Palo Alto Bargaining Team Member

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