2018 Election Results – Kern County

Election Results

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seiu521-nicole-mozier-c“As a union, we will continue to build unity and fight for better working conditions, wages, and benefits. We will not let the setback for the Kern County Supervisor Seats overshadow the positive gains we have made as a union. We were able to win a seat for Willie Rivera on the Bakersfield City Council, and get Rudy Salas re-elected as Assemblymember. Together, we rise!”
– Nicole Mozier, SEIU 521 COPE Chair for Region 5 (Kings, Kern and Tulare Counties)

seiu521-gil-garcia-c“Our union members are looking forward to seeing a positive change in political leadership that has the best interest of our community. Political wins at any level such as with Willie Rivera winning a seat on the Bakersfield City Council and with the re-election of Assemblymember Rudy Salas send a clear sign that we want a government that is more in-tune with addressing the issues that are important to working people and families.”
– Gil Garcia, Bakersfield ARC (BARC) Chapter President & COPE Member

 Willie RiveraCity of Bakersfield Ward 1: Willie Rivera** – WIN

Willie Rivera has stood up for working families since he was first elected in 2013.  He has the leadership and experience needed to stand up for working families.

Rudy Salas

Assembly District 32: Rudy Salas – WIN

Assemblymember Salas has led in our efforts to protect our pensions and ensure retirement security for young workers. He supports quality child care and is helping save jobs and services at Kern Regional Center.

Unfortunately, the following endorsed candidates and measures were not successful. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of working families and our communities.

  • Kern County Board of Supervisors District 2: Whitney Weddel
  • Kern County Board of Supervisors District 4: Grace Vallejo
  • Kern County Board of Supervisors District 3: Jeff Heinle
  • U.S. Congress District 21: TJ Cox
  • Measure N – Bakersfield Sales Tax Measure

Constitutional Offices*

  • California Governor: Gavin Newsom – WIN
  • California Lt. Governor: Ed Hernandez – LOSS
  • California Attorney General: Xavier Becerra – WIN
  • California Secretary of State: Alex Padilla – WIN
  • California Treasurer: Fiona Ma – WIN
  • California Controller: Betty Yee – WIN
  • California Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara – Close; waiting for final results
  • California Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond – WIN

State Ballot Measures*

  • Proposition 1 (YES): Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 – WIN
  • Proposition 2 (YES): No Place Like Home Act of 2018 – WIN
  • Proposition 4 (YES): Children’s Hospital Bond Act of 2018 – WIN
  • Proposition 5 (NO): Higher Housing Costs. Cuts to Schools – WIN
  • Proposition 6 (NO): Stop the Attack on Bridge and Road Safety – WIN
  • Proposition 8 (YES): Fair Pricing for Dialysis Act. Limits Charges – LOSS
  • Proposition 10 (YES): Affordable Housing Act (Repeals Costa Hawkins, Expands Locals’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Property) – LOSS
  • Proposition 11 (NO): Emergency Ambulance Employee Safety and Preparedness (Requires Private Ambulance Workers to Remain On-Call During Breaks) – LOSS
  • Proposition 12 (YES): Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals – WIN

U.S. Senate*

  • U.S. Senate: Kevin de León – LOSS

U.S. Congress*

  • U.S. Congress District 10: Josh Harder – Close; waiting for final results
  • U.S. Congress District 14: Jackie Speier – WIN
  • U.S. Congress District 15: Eric Swalwell – WIN
  • U.S. Congress District 17: Ro Khanna – WIN
  • U.S. Congress District 18: Anna Eshoo – WIN
  • U.S. Congress District 19: Zoe Lofgren – WIN
  • U.S. Congress District 20: Jimmy Panetta -WIN
  • U.S. Congress District 21: TJ Cox – WIN
  • U.S. Congress District 22: Andrew Janz – LOSS

California State Senate*

  • California State Senate District 10: Bob Wieckowski – WIN
  • California State Senate District 12: Anna Caballero – Close; waiting for final results

California State Assembly*

  • Assembly District 19: Phil Ting – WIN
  • Assembly District 22: Kevin Mullin- WIN
  • Assembly District 25: Kansen Chu – WIN
  • Assembly District 26: Jose Sigala – LOSS
  • Assembly District 27: Ash Kalra – WIN
  • Assembly District 28: Evan Low – WIN
  • Assembly District 29: Mark Stone – WIN
  • Assembly District 30: Robert Rivas – WIN
  • Assembly District 31: Dr. Joaquin Arambula – WIN
  • Assembly District 32: Rudy Salas – WIN

* SEIU California Endorsed. Local 521 members participated in the SEIU California One Voice process that led to these endorsements. SEIU members across California gathered at regional town halls and our statewide convention to hear from candidates for district office, statewide office, and Congress. Members have exercised their voice and endorsed candidates who they believe will fight for our communities, support fair compensation, and the right to a union.

** Labor endorsed. Local 521 members participated in Central Labor Council candidates endorsement interviews and voted as delegates on these positions.

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