1,001 Leaders: Raul Carbajal

Meet SEIU 521 Member Leader Raul Carbajal, a Bridge Maintenance Worker for Monterey County.

Born and raised in Salinas, Raul works daily to ensure that Monterey County residents are kept safe on our roads and bridges. As a Shop Steward, Raul knows that having a strong labor union gives workers a voice on the job, and gives our public works crews the resources they need to do the job right.

In the face of anti-worker attacks like the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case, our union has created our Together We Rise campaign to say loud and proud that #AmericaNeedsUnions. We are committed to resisting these attacks and building a stronger union through member engagement, leadership development, and political mobilization.

Part of that commitment involves identifying and developing 1,001 new leaders like Raul; workers who not only give back to our community every day on the job but who lead the way to ensure that their co-workers’ union rights are protected. Learn more about Raul’s story by watching the short video below.

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  1. With “right-to-work” laws spreading across the country, and a Janus Supreme Court decision that could decimate public-sector unions on the horizon, striking teachers are offering a blueprint for how to win when the odds are stacked against labor: Strike, win and then keep striking to win more—no matter what union leaders say. The walkout in West Virginia has now become what’s known as a wildcat strike: A mass work action carried out by the rank-and-file and without the express consent of union leadership. On Tuesday, after agreeing to a five percent raise for teachers and three percent raise for other public-sector workers, WVEA leaders declared victory. But the rank-and-file weren’t having it, breaking out into chants of “We are the union bosses!

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