How Do You Self-Care?

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Making the decision to pursue a career in social work was a life decision to help others.

An issue I struggle with on a daily basis is remembering to take care of myself. Self-care is imperative for me to continue serving my community by helping those in heir darkest times, those in times of crises, those in times of need. Being a member of our Union is part of my self-care. Having a strong Union means I have a voice to advocate for myself and my coworkers to ensure that we create and maintain a work environment that supports and fosters our ability to help others.

Having a strong Union means having the power to advocate and negotiate for other items that are basic for my self-care: wage increases, cost of living wage increases, benefits (medical/dental/vision), break times (no, fifteen minutes is not mandated by law!), pensions, and so many other issues we are lucky to take for granted. Having a voice around these major issues during the year, and especially during contract negotiations, enables me to focus on more day-to-day issues.

Having a strong Union means we need YOU! Having high union membership shows unity and engagement – in today’s climate, this is more important than ever before. I encourage you to begin your self-care right now by joining our Union. Yes, OUR Union. In our labor union, we can negotiate the best kind of environment to help us pursue our life’s calling – whatever that may be.”

– Caitlin Burcham, Social Worker for Monterey County.

Follow Caitlin’s lead – strengthen our union by renewing your membership!


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