Happy Administrative Professionals’ Week!

April 22-28 is Administrative Professionals’ Week.

Thousands of SEIU Local 521 members provide support services to the public every day. Your work is vital, and during Administrative Professionals’ Week and every day, we thank you for your dedication to serving our communities.

Anna Griffin
As one of the “Unknown Children” of the Civil Rights Movement and a woman of color, I believe in unions and always have.

I decided to renew my membership with SEIU Local 521 in February 2018 because, thanks to our union, we have a voice and are not at the mercy of the boss’s unreasonable demands. By being involved as an SEIU 521 Steward, I have been able to fight with my coworkers for our rights. On a personal level, choosing a career in a unionized workplace means that I was able to experience upward mobility, achieve many of my goals, and provide a decent living for my family in Silicon Valley. By being active in our union, we get a voice, are able to protect our benefits such as pensions and healthcare, and fight against discrimination of all sorts.

Don’t forget our labor history: people fought and died for the rights we have today! Recently union workers in Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states lost some of their pensions and healthcare benefits even after many years of service. More than ever, we need to stick together so that what happened to some union workers in right-to-work states doesn’t happen to us in California. A U.S. Supreme Court decision is coming soon in the Janus v. AFSCME case that could make it easier for billionaires and anti-worker groups to divide us.

We have to stand up for workers’ rights, and pass the torch on to our children, and the next generations who will need unions to fight for their livelihood. It’s a fight for all of us, not just for union members. We need to stand together with working people and not let the well-funded, anti-worker groups rig the economy against us by dividing us. Now is the time for all of us to stick together to defend our union and our contracts.

It’s YOUR union and your investment in your value at work, so I encourage you to join me: Become a member or renew your membership today!

Ask to your co-workers to renew their membership at www.seiu521.org/membership

I wish Justice, Equality and Peace for ALL.

In Unity,

Anna Griffin, Administrative Assistant for the County of Santa Clara

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