Arbitrator Reinstates Dentist After Unjust Termination

Dr. Huyen Nguyen is back at work as a Dentist for Salud Para La Gente in Watsonville after prevailing in a grievance that SEIU filed last year challenging her termination.

Grievance procedures are important to unions because it takes power away from management to decide a worker’s fate, and instead, gives workers an opportunity to be heard by a neutral arbitrator. In Dr. Nguyen’s case, the arbitrator did not agree with the employer’s arguments for termination and ordered Salud Para La Gente to reinstate her employment. Now Dr. Nguyen can resume her important work as a dentist providing services to disadvantaged families in our community.

Dr. Nguyen worked closely with her Shop Steward and Salud coworker Judy Hernandez, to resolve this issue. Interested in seeing what it takes to become a Shop Steward? Sign up for an online training at

“I could not have gotten through this experience without the solid support of my steward, Judy Hernandez. The outcome of my case is evidence of the power of being in a strong union that supports its members, and the protection that our contract gives us every day.”

– Dr. Huyen Nguyen

Huyen Nguyen & Judy Hernandez 05-03-18

Dr. Huyen Nguyen (left) with her Salud Para La Gente Steward and coworker, Judy Hernandez (right).



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