A mighty effort by Child Care Providers brings Measure A within reach

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SEIU 521 Child Care Providers await the results of the vote at Measure A headquarters on election night

A mighty effort by Child Care Providers and SEIU 521 members on behalf of Measure A in Alameda County has raised awareness of the child care crisis in Alameda County and throughout California and resulted in many positive steps forward for our profession.

While tens of thousands of votes must still be counted before we learn the outcome, a great deal of progress has been made to raise awareness of California’s broken child care system.

For example, early childhood educators now have begun a cooperative dialogue with the California Department of Social Services, and are meeting regularly to discuss safety, standards, and licensing with DSS officials. We are building local networks to help improve child care for our communities and have continued to build positive relationships with lawmakers in Sacramento. Through these efforts and more, we will continue working towards fixing and improving the child care system every way that we can.

“All students, regardless of their socio-economic status, deserve access to AP, honors, and higher-level academic coursework upon entrance to high school. Denying any students access to such academics due to lack of prior adequate teaching and exposure is criminal,” said Tarsha Jordan, a Child Care Provider from Oakland and SEIU 521 member. “Measure A is just one way for us to reach our goal: making sure all children have the opportunity to thrive in school. While we are still waiting to learn the outcome of yesterday’s election, I look forward to continuing this journey with my fellow child care union members.”

By working with organizations like Parent Voices, the Community Child Care Council of Alameda County, First Five, and more, SEIU 521 Child Care Providers have created great partnerships and built a strong coalition that will continue the work of improving early education in Alameda County.

“The massive effort that was undertaken for Measure A shows that our community cares about the future of child care and understands how important fixing this crisis is for our families and children,” said Riko Mendez, Chief Elected Officer of SEIU Local 521. “Measure A has shown us that standing together as a union provides a path forward for Child Care Providers to address the issues they face, and will help us improve access to quality, affordable child care for working families.”

Measure A is only the first step, and there will be many more opportunities to stand up and fight for improvements to our child care system in 2018. You can have a voice in the future of our profession and the children we care for by standing with your fellow Child Care Providers and joining SEIU Local 521.

Want to learn more? Contact Robert Klimczak at Robert.Klimczak@seiu521.org or (415) 860-9275.

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