SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers fight for Measure A in Alameda County

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SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers and members, along with community allies, with US Representative Barbara Lee and Alameda County District 3 Supervisor Wilma Chan

Despite a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication from early childhood educators, family child care providers and SEIU 521 members and an outpouring of support from voters, the final results show that Measure A fell just short of the two-thirds vote needed to pass.

Measure A was supported by a broad coalition of parents, early child care and K-12 educators, elected leaders, medical professionals, and many more. This effort was a tremendous first step in drawing attention to the growing child care crisis in California and educating lawmakers and our communities.

IMG_0244It is disappointing that, although the majority of voters overwhelmingly support Measure A, requiring 66.7% to pass a ballot measure means that a small number of voters were able to block this solution to the growing child care crisis in Alameda County.

Family child care providers vow to carry the momentum of Measure A forward and elect pro-child care lawmakers in November and continue our fight to win collective bargaining rights.

“Even though we weren’t able to accomplish our goal of passing Measure A, we brought an amazing group of providers, parents, and community members together. We received a tremendous amount of support from people who are ready to fix our broken child care system,” said Roseanne Galli-Adams, an Alameda County Family Child Care Provider. “Now it’s time to refocus on electing Gavin Newsom so we have a governor who will support our fight for
collective bargaining rights.”

trisha thomas nancy harvey roseanne galli-adamsYou can take action now to help Family Child Care Providers win the right to bargain a union contract now by signing our petition.

Measure A was only the first step, and there will be many more opportunities to stand up and fight for improvements to our child care system in 2018. You can have a voice in the future of our profession and the children we care for by standing with your fellow Child Care Providers and joining SEIU Local 521.

Want to learn more? Contact Robert Klimczak at or (415) 860-9275.

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