Happy Holidays From Your SEIU 521 Family!


SEIU 521 Executive Board, December 2018

SEIU 521 Executive Board, December 2018

Find Holiday Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Check out the AFL-CIO and Labor 411 shopping lists to find holiday gifts that carry the union label and are made in America.

It pays to be a member. As an SEIU 521 member, you’re eligible for many benefits, including exclusive discounts and coupons that could be handy and save you money during the holiday season. Visit www.seiu521.org/benefits for more information.

Let’s not forget that you are helping yourself and your co-workers at the bargaining table, as the power of our union is in its numbers!

Don’t Get Scrooged by the Freedom Foundation!

During the holiday season, you may be approached by someone telling you to give yourself a gift or a raise by dropping your SEIU 521 union membership. That’s because anti-worker organizations funded by greedy billionaires are fighting hard to weaken the strength of our union. They’ll tell you they just want you to have a choice, but their anti-worker agenda is really about opposing pay raises for public employees, dismantling our pensions, making us pay more for health insurance, and eliminating good public sector jobs.


Don’t get scrooged! Together in our union, we have power in numbers to build better lives for our families. But the Freedom Foundation has opened offices right here in California and will be showing up at some of our worksites to trick members like you into giving up our long-term security and well-being. Check out uniondifference.org to learn what we stand to lose.

Strong unions like ours set the standard for all working people – union and nonunion. That’s why these wealthy billionaires are sending operatives from out of state to our homes and worksites to trick us into dropping our union membership and weakening our collective power.

If you’re ambushed by the Freedom Foundation at home or work, don’t let them trick you into weakening the power of our union.

Learn more at www.seiu521.org/FightBack

SEIU California’s Disaster Relief Fund

SEIU members and staff can support the families of those devastated by the California wildfires by making a financial donation to the SEIU California Disaster Relief Fund which helps support members in times of need.

Our sisters and brothers in California are among the hundreds of thousands of people impacted by the out of control wildfires that have burned through communities. It’s time like this when being united with matters.

We must band together and use our power in numbers to provide support and relief to our brothers and sisters in California.

Visit www.seiuca.org/disaster-relief to donate.

Disaster Relief Fund

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