Santa Clara County workers — Join us for Strike School

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**In order to make sure we have enough seats and materials, attendees must RSVP by emailing or using the Events tab in MemberLink at**

Have you committed to doing what it takes to win a strong contract? If not, visit today!

Our contract with the County of Santa Clara expired on Sunday, June 16, at 11:59 pm. While our negotiating team will continue bargaining in good faith to reach an agreement, it’s time for us to get fired up and ready to fight. This contract will not be won at the bargaining table alone.

On Saturday, August 10, we will review the work we must do moving forward. Join us to ask questions, learn about your legal rights when striking, and how best to prepare.

We know that people are ready to take action. We’ve had hundreds of our members attend our first two Strike Schools, and thousands more take action at their worksites in recent weeks. We must continue to build momentum if we are going to win for our families and our community.

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4 Responses to “Santa Clara County workers — Join us for Strike School”

  1. Raquel D says:

    I will be there for Strike School. SEIU 521

  2. Gloria says:

    Why is that all we know is that we can go to strike school? why are we not updated on negotiations? Are they happening daily or is the Union just focusing on Strike?

    • andrewbaker says:

      Hi Gloria, your co-workers are at the bargaining table multiple days most weeks and are working hard, but it will take everyone’s participation to win a strong contract.

      Updates from negotiations are posted regularly on MemberLink. You can create an account and log in at

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