2020 SEIU International Convention


The results are in!
33 delegates will represent SEIU 521 members at the SEIU International Convention

SEIU 521 Members elected 33 delegates among a total of 73 candidates from Feb. 8 to Feb. 19, 2020. This was the largest number of nominations we received for the SEIU International Convention.

Elected delegates will represent more than 50,000 SEIU 521 members across the state of California. They will be expected to help implement the resolutions adopted at the 2020 SEIU International Convention.  The 2020 SEIU International Convention will be a historic gathering of America’s service workforce as we enter into the 2020 National Presidential Race. SEIU members from across the country will congregate in Chicago, Illinois to debate and vote on the convention resolutions that will guide our Union’s work over the next 4 years. 

Delegate Election Results – Feb. 20, 2020

The election committee counted the ballots on Feb. 20, and here are results of the delegate election among 73 candidates for 33 seats:

  1. Janet Diaz, Santa Clara County 
  2. Marilyn Mara, Santa Clara County 
  3. Riley Talford, Fresno County 
  4. Suzy Caston, San Benito County 
  5. Veronica Vasquez, Kern County 
  6. Tammy Dhanota, Valley Transportation Authority 
  7. Francisco Martinez, Kern County
  8. Juan Mejia, City of Bakersfield 
  9. Alicia Metters, Monterey County 
  10. Jason Dorsey, Santa Clara County 
  11. Carmella DiSopa, Santa Clara County 
  12. Tiffany Sagbohan, Kern County 
  13. Gwyndolyn Harshaw, Retired Chapter 
  14. Yvette Carreon, Monterey County 
  15. Carol Garvey, Retired Chapter 
  16. Earl Moody, Campbell UHSD
  17. Brian O’Neill, Retired Chapter 
  18. Dan Goode, Santa Clara County 
  19. Renee Crawford, Stanislaus County 
  20. Holly Okamura, Santa Clara County 
  21. Monique Puga, Santa Clara County 
  22. wRen Bradley, Santa Clara County 
  23. Claudia Herrera-Sandoval, Santa Cruz County 
  24. Brian Murillo, Fresno County 
  25. Laura Rios, Santa Clara County 
  26. Marilyn DeRouen, Santa Clara COE 
  27. Lucia Sapiens, Fresno County 
  28. Victor Caravez Ramirez, Monterey County 
  29. Yolanda Reyes, Fresno County 
  30. Daniela DeBaca, City of Salinas 
  31. Dawn Gallegos, Fresno County 
  32. William Stewart, Santa Clara County 
  33. Rachel Subega, Retired Chapter 

Election ballots were counted by the election committee on Feb. 20, 2020.

Delegate Vote Count

Photo caption: Election Committee counting ballots on February 20, 2020
Vaughn flaming, Election Committee Chair (Standing; third row)
First row (L-R): Connie Jimenez, Retiree; Bonnie Gonzalez, VTA; Connie Chew, Santa Clara County; Anna Griffin, Santa Clara County
Second row (L-R): Rosanna Castro; Steve Mendez; Serrin Hanley; Shelby Sullivan (All Santa Clara County Members)

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