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Our union is more than just an organization that files grievances against bad bosses. We mean it when we say “Community First” – and it starts with member involvement in our caucuses and committees. Our Social Economic Justice Committee (SEJ) engages in social, political and civil rights issues, and works to create a more just society for future generations.

Get Involved!
Join one of our Caucuses, Committees and Industry Councils to help out your union and the community!

To get information on how to join, please contact us at (408) 678-3300 or

Industry Councils

Developmental Disabilities Council

Eligibility Workers

Nurse Alliance


Committee on Political Education (COPE)

Communications Committee

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Committee

Retirement Security for All (RSA) Committee

Retiree Chapter

Social and Economic Justice (SEJ) Committee


AFRAM Logo AFRAM (African-American Caucus)
Click here for the AFRAM Caucus web page, meetings, contact info and photo slideshow.
Apala Logo APALA Caucus
Click here for the APALA Caucus web page, meetings, contact info and photo slideshow.
API-Logo API Caucus
Click here for the Asian Pacific Islanders Caucus web page.
Latino Caucus Logo Latino Caucus
Click here for the Latino Caucus web page, meetings, events and photo slideshow.
Lavender Caucus
This caucus is the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/ Transgender (LGBT) caucus. Get involved and become a part of the grassroots committee to develop LGBT Caucus of SEIU Local 521 in the Central Valley Area.
1199SEIU_LOCAL 521_Native American Caucus_Logo Native American Caucus
In this caucus, we promote involvement, social justice, awareness and education in SEIU, the labor movement, and the Native American community.

People Working With Disabilities

Our People Working With Disabilities Caucus is a group of workers who have physical or mental disabilities and/or work with or are interested in issues about people with disabilities.

Women’s Caucus
Working union women empowering our community.

Click here to view or download the Caucus and Committees Calendar: Localwide Caucus Meetings Flyer (PDF)

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