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Eligibility Worker Quarterly Steering Committee Meeting

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By video conference from SEIU Local 521 offices (Bakersfield, Fresno, San Jose, Visalia)

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Tulare County: (559) 635-3720
Kern County: (661) 321-4160

SEIU Eligibility Workers win $170 million for county Medi-Cal programs

SEIU Eligibility Workers teamed up to visit key officials in Sacramento last year to lobby aggressively for additional funding for counties to accommodate dramatic caseload increases due to the expansion of Medi-Cal eligibility. Gov. Brown’s 2016-17 budget includes an additional $169.9 million for counties to hire additional county eligibility workers for Medi-Cal enrollment. Learn more here.

Eligibility Workers Work with Secretary Dooley

Eligibility WorkersEligibility Workers met with Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley on March 30 to discuss the issues with enrollment and ensure workers have a lead role in getting the system fixed.

Huge win for Eligibility Workers and all Californians

Eligibility workers have spent the last year trying to correct the heartaches and serious impacts caused by CalHEERS and the automated notices and rejections created by that system.

SEIU Local 521 Eligibility Workers joined fellow EWs from Locals 221, 721 and 1021 to highlight the problems and press for corrective action in Sacramento. Together, the SEIU “21 Locals” are making a meaningful impact on public policy for better services.

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EWs with Sec. Dooley

Eligibility Workers in Sacramento

EWs meet with Secretary Dooley

Robert Padilla describes the experience: “Our meeting with Secretary Dooley was a great experience. Although we didn’t get everything we wanted, her door is still open and she was moved by our stories. I believe she understands the NOA problems we face that prevent us from providing better client service. We need to continue to work, organize and tell the stories of the people of California.” 

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Standing United Works!

Eligibility Workers are playing a big role in protecting jobs and services under health care reform.
We’ve already won NO PRIVATIZATION of our eligibility determination work and ensured that only county Eligibility Workers will handle Medi-Cal eligibility determination.
Let’s keep rolling! Join us as we continue to get counties and our workers ready for health care reform.

Eligibility Workers in Sacramento
Our Eligibility Workers went to Sacramento on April 30, 2014 to talk about passing two bills related to helping bring services to working families.
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An SEIU coalition of Eligibility Workers lobbied legislators to support a healthcare bill in Sacramento Feb. 19. Local 521 members included Mariela Perez (bottom left), Ruben Garcia (bottom row), and Roseann Berthron-Arechiga (bottom right).Eligibility Workers support healthcare bill

An SEIU coalition of Eligibility Workers traveled to Sacramento Feb. 19 and urged legislators to support a bill that will expand healthcare for Californians.

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Healthcare leaders agree: Eligibility work to be done by counties
Our campaign this summer to shine the spotlight on the critical decision-making process of the California Health Benefit Exchange (HBEX) showed how effective SEIU members can be when we join with allies to advocate for our work and for the clients we serve.

We’re in the press! Support our Eligibility Services workers today!

Tell Sacramento: Choose county workers

County Eligibility Workers: The Best Choice for a Healthier CA
Under the new health care law, millions more Californians will become eligible for Medi-Cal and subsidized federal health insurance. Who is the best choice for handling the influx of new enrollees? County Eligibility Workers.
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Eligibilty WorkersProtecting Eligibility Worker Services
Eligibility Workers from Fresno, Kern, Monterey, and Santa Clara counties traveled to Sacramento June 19 to speak in support of using our expertise when services are reshaped under health care reform. Join us to protect our services.
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Eligibility Workers heading to Sacramento to protect services
521 Eligibility Workers from Fresno, Kern, Monterey, and Santa Clara counties are heading to Sacramento Tuesday, June 19 to speak in support of protecting our eligibility services.
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Eligibility workers help Medi-Cal run smoothly
Santa Clara County Eligibility Worker Robert Padilla submitted this letter to the editor of The San Jose Mercury News. It was published June 11, 2012. Click here to read the letter to the editor.

Critical Eligibility Survey – the State Wants Your Input
For Eligibility Workers ONLY: California State Department of Social Services is requesting your direct feedback on how to improve our eligibility system for Medi-Cal and CalFresh!
Click here to give your input.

Executive board leaders of SEIU Local 521 have officially recognized the Eligibility Worker Industry Council, which makes the council eligible to have an Executive Board delegate and an alternate at the 521 Executive Board level.

Earlier this year, 521 members went to Sacramento to meet with Will Lightbourne, Director of the California Dept. of Social Services, as well as members of the County Welfare Directors Association of California, to provide feedback to improve our eligibility system for Medi-Cal and CalFresh!

Eligibility workers save CalWORKS
Early March, we were back at the state Capitol to provide key testimonials in defense of CalWORKS for families in need, and we made a real difference!
Read about it here.

Eligibility Workers stand up for stress-free environment, fair work load
Eligibility Workers in Santa CruzAfter a Santa Cruz County Eligibility Worker was rushed to the hospital for work-related stress, co-workers held a solidarity action March 8 to support their colleague and to shine the light on an ongoing issue: Overburdened workloads and extreme work stress that are pushing employees to the breaking point.
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  1. Russell Puckhaber says:

    Thanks for posting this blog, it’s very interesting.

  2. Amanda MacIntire says:

    Eligibility workers III have to manage nearly 80 cases and over 1200 tasks?! As an EW II, I carried a caseload of 250 cases, despite my supervisor informing me I would NOT have that many cases. My workday was nonstop from 8am until 5pm. Being assigned to the “Training Unit” was a study in seeing how much could be piled onto one person before they would break. Between the usual workload, I was handed supervisor read sheets of cases where I had made errors and was expected to correct those errors by a deadline. So, any cases where I had made an error, I was supposed to handle at least twice. On top of that, evaluations offered only the most ambiguous feedback; no specifics as to what might be deemed as an error. I was terminated by my supervisor who judged my work too inaccurate. Stress? The workload combined with not knowing if or when I’d be getting canned made me an angry, resentful person. No one should be afraid of going to work in fear of losing that job. Its unfair and makes me wonder why the heck I paid union dues for.

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