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SEIU Local 521 is a union of 40,000 workers in Northern and Central California who fight together for better workplaces and brighter futures for their families.

That includes around 6,000 healthcare workers in county facilities and non-profit community health and behavioral health clinics, including Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Salud Para La Gente, Golden Valley Health Centers, Momentum for Mental Health, and Gardner Health Services. Being part of a union means uniting with your coworkers and speaking with one voice. At non-profits and community clinics, SEIU 521 members are working together to win a seat at the table, increases in wages and benefits, fair work rules, safety, and more.

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While you’re building your union at work, it’s important to know that you have legal rights your employer must respect. Click here to learn more.

Why join SEIU 521?

Thousands of SEIU 521 members are at the forefront of healthcare issues in our state and are fighting to ensure employees in healthcare settings have protections and a strong voice at work. Working together, our members have a proven track record of fighting for better pay and benefits, increased workplace safety, and the ability to advocate for clients and patients. SEIU 521 members are setting the standards in community-based health clinics, hospitals, and public health clinics. marilyn mara quote

Who are the members of SEIU 521?

SEIU 521 members include thousands of frontline healthcare providers, ancillary and administrative staff, social workers, dietary staff, environmental services, and more. Our members work together within their worksites to have a stronger voice to advocate for themselves and for their communities. Together, healthcare workers are fighting to increase funding for clinics and healthcare centers to ensure that our communities are receiving the funding and resources we need. By joining together with other working people in clinics and other healthcare settings, SEIU 521 members are able to work towards advancing standards for people all across the Bay Area and Central Valley. mike bartkowski

SEIU 521 members have strength in numbers

Have you ever tried to make changes at work by standing up alone? It isn’t easy, and it’s rarely successful. When working people stand together and speak as a union, there’s a lot more we can accomplish. Joining other SEIU 521 members who work in the healthcare field will give us a stronger voice in our workplaces, communities, and in government. veronica vasquez quote

SEIU members are building a movement

It’s an exciting time for working people who are standing together in their unions all across the country and speaking out. As a movement of 1 million healthcare workers in the United States and Canada, SEIU members are fighting for more resources and greater access to care in communities everywhere. SEIU Local 521 members are part of this movement to improve healthcare and set higher standards for working people and patients all across North America, and you can be too.

use Unity Break at OC Sills We know that when working people whether white, Black or brown, are united in a union, we have the power in numbers to raise wages, secure basic needs like healthcare coverage, improve our jobs and make life better for our families and build stronger communities.

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