Dr. King had a dream. What’s yours?

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - I Have a Dream
This month we honor Dr. King on the occasion of his birthday, Jan. 15, and for his legacy of peace, social justice, and equality for all.

Do you also have a dream? Share it now.
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The Western Worker’s Labor Heritage Festival in Burlingame
Friday, Jan. 18 to Sunday, Jan. 20

Martin Luther King, Jr. events in Fresno
In Fresno, SEIU 521 Latino, Women’s, AFRAM, APALA & Lavender Caucuses sponsored three MLK, Jr. events (Friday, Jan. 18 to Monday, Jan. 21).

Today, we are still fighting for social justice in so many ways. From economic inequality, to retirement security, to affordable health care, our struggle for justice continues. The night before his assassination in April 1968, Martin Luther King told a group of striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee: “We’ve got to give ourselves to this struggle until the end.”
Listen to or read King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Read our dreams

Jim Costa“I have a dream that we can put aside our differences as we have in the past and come together to build a better future for our nation. Let us remember that the bonds we share in common as Americans are far stronger than whatever differences we may have as individuals.”
— Jim Costa, Congressman for CA-16

“One day before my retirement I dream for real fair and equal rights and educational opportunities for every employees in the private or public sector and in government. Currently, it is just written in paper as Policies and Procedures, and implementation is still in the horizons… somewhere.”
— Josephine Mante, Salinas worker

Jim Beall“My dream is for all Californians to reach their potential through a first-rate, public education and the creation of an accessible and affordable health care system.”
— Sen. Jim Beall

“I have a dream, that the 9% pay cut I received over 1 year ago will stop and I will be able to provide for my family.”
— Renee Catrina, Fresno County worker

Don Horsley“When I was growing up in Daly City I went to civil rights demonstrations in San Francisco as a high school student. At the time, African-Americans couldn’t get jobs as mechanics, short order cooks or other similar kinds of work. This was in ‘liberal’ San Francisco and I remember feeling embarrassed at the gross inequity. I spent my career in law enforcement striving to be fair in dealing with racial issues, treating people equally and working hard to develop viable rehabilitation programs based on merit and need. My dream continues to be one in which justice and equality are second nature to everyone and not reserved for a lucky few.”
— Don Horsley, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

“My dream is that Clovis will do what Fresno has done in providing services for the homeless, especially a warm shelter where they can sleep on cold winter nights.”
— Edythe

Rudy Salas“In 2013, I have a dream for better schools, safer neighborhoods, and a more prosperous Central Valley.”
— Rudy Salas, California State Assemblyperson District 32

“No more layoffs.”
— Frederick Kalaw

Michael Huynh“I want to be a Correctional Officer and I hope that I will be selected to go to the next academy in January or April 2013.”
— Michael Huynh, Santa Clara County worker

“My dream is for the County to raise the pay rate to the lower income positions so we can pay our bills and put food on the table. Economy continues to raise prices, however, our pay stays the same.”
— Julie Giannoni, Valley Medical Center

“Dr. King’s dream was for freedom and equality. My dream in particular is that the Homecare Workers will be treated with respect and dignity and will be compensated to make at least a living wage so that they can afford the basic needs. As a volunteer, I find it difficult to contact many members because their phones have been disconnected due to perhaps not being able to pay their bills on time. This cannot be a good thing for either the worker or the ones they are caring for. So to keep Dr. King’s dream alive, a fair living wage and benefits for the Homecare workers.”
— Vinod Rai, Homecare worker

“My DREAM would be that one day that the test score wouldn’t be the only thing that mattered for extra help workers, but also the time and years that one would put into the job.”
— Robert, Extra Help at Valley Medical Center

“I hope everybody can make a living. I wish that nobody will steal your money and make you poor for three generations.”
— Albert Yeung, Homecare worker

Do you also have a dream? Share it now.

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