2016 Election: Santa Clara County

2016 General Election Wins

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from President Laphonza Butler on results of the November 8, 2016 election:

“In an election marked by divisiveness and bigotry, we set out to make California a beacon of hope and opportunity – and we succeeded. Our 700,000 SEIU California members selected Kamala Harris to be the first woman of color to represent California in the U.S. Senate, and we helped pass a slate of initiatives, 55, 56, 57, and 58, that will make real improvements in Californians’ lives.”

Read the full statement here.

Mullissa: What's your vision?Federal Election Wins
U.S. Senate: Kamala Harris
U.S. House of Representatives District 19: Zoe Lofgren

State Legislature
Wins on endorsements adopted from SEIU State Council
CA Senate District 15: Jim Beall (SEIU 521 Endorsed)
CA Assembly District 24: Marc Berman
CA Assembly District 25: Kansen Chu (SEIU 521 Endorsed)
CA Assembly District 27: Ash Kalra (SEIU 521 Endorsed)
CA Assembly District 28: Evan Low (SEIU 521 Endorsed)
CA Assembly District 29: Mark Stone (SEIU 521 Endorsed)

Wins on State Measures:
NO on 53 Stop attacks on Local Control
YES on 55 Invest in Our Children & Communities
YES on 56 Save Lives & Reduce the Ravages of Tobacco
YES on 57 Give Youth and Nonviolent Offenders a Fair Path to Rehabilitation
YES on 58 Strengthen Language Skills for All Students With Dual Language Immersion
YES on 63 Ensure Gun Safety For All
NO on 65 Reject Siphoning Off of Plastic Bag Tax Dollars
YES on 67 Maintain the Plastic Bag Ban, Protect the Environment

Wins – Local Candidates and Measures

In San Jose, the 10th largest city in the country, we won two seats: SEIU 521 member Sergio Jimenez won San Jose District 2 seat, and Sylvia Arenas, a labor-endorsed candidate won San Jose District 8 seat. We will now have a majority of labor-endorsed candidates on the San Jose City Council. SEIU 521 member Richard Tran has been elected mayor of Milpitas. We also won Measure E, a new law that will require business with 36 or more employees to offer full-time work to existing part-time workers before hiring more part-time workers, and other important measures, such as Measure A ($950 million for affordable housing in Santa Clara County), Measure B (Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Agency sales tax), Measure F (San Jose pension reform) and Measure V (Mountain View rent control).

Santa Clara County Board of Education
Area 3: Rosemary Kamei (SEIU 521 Endorsement)

Santa Clara Valley Water District
Seat 1: John L. Varela (Sole Endorsement)
Seat 2: Barbara Keegan (Sole Endorsement)
Seat 3: Richard Santos (Sole Endorsement)

Campbell City Council
Richard Waterman (Sole Endorsement)

Cupertino City Council 
Rod Sinks (Sole Endorsement)

Milpitas (City of)
Rich Tran (SEIU 521 member)
City Council:
Robert Nunez (Sole Endorsement)
Anthony Phan (Open Endorsement)

Morgan Hill City Council:
Larry Carr (Sole Endorsement)
Rene Angelo Spring (Sole Endorsement)

Mountain View City Council
Margaret Abe-Koga

Santa Clara (City of)
City Council:
District 3: Debi Davis (Sole Endorsement)
District 4: Patricia Mahan
District 6: Kathy Watanabe (Sole Endorsement)
District 7: Teresa O’Neill (Sole Endorsement)
City Clerk: Rod Diridon, Jr. (Sole Endorsement)

San Jose City Council
District 2: Sergio Jimenez, SEIU 521 Member  (Sole Endorsement)
District 8: Sylvia Arenas  (Sole Endorsement)

Sunnyvale City Council
District 4: Larry Klein (Sole Endorsement)
District 5: Russell Melton (Sole Endorsement)

Evergreen School District
Leila Welch (Open Endorsement)

Franklin-McKinley School District
John Lindner (Sole Endorsement)
George Sanchez (Sole Endorsement)

Oak Grove School District
Area 4: John Mackey (Sole Endorsement)

San Jose Unified School District
Area 3: Pam Foley (Sole Endorsement)

Santa Clara Unified School District
Area 2: Albert Gonzalez (Sole Endorsement)

East Side Union High School District
Pattie Cortese (Sole Endorsement)
Lan Nguyen (Sole Endorsement)

Fremont Union High School District
Roy Rocklin (Sole Endorsement)

Foothill-De Anza Community College District
Laura Casas (Sole Endorsement)
Gilbert Wong (Sole Endorsement)

Gavilan Joint Community College District
Area 6: Rachel Perez (Sole Endorsement)

San Jose Evergreen Community College District
Area 3: Craig Mann (Sole Endorsement)
Area 7: Mayra Cruz (Sole Endorsement)

West Valley-Mission Community College District
Area 2: Bob Owens (Open Endorsement)
Area 4: Randi Kinman (Sole Endorsement)

YES on A – County of Santa Clara Housing Bond
YES on AA – Campbell Union High School District Bond
YES on Measure B – Better Commute, Better Roads: San Jose City 0.25% Sales Tax
NO on C
– Cupertino: Vallco Shopping Mall
YES on E – San Jose: Opportunity to Work
YES on F – San Jose: Pension Modification
YES on G – San Jose Business Tax Modernization
NO on M – Sunnyvale: Stop the Loss of Public Lands
YES on V – Mountain View: Rent Stabilization/Control Ordinance
YES on Y – San Jose Unified School District Bond
YES on Z – East Side Union High School District Bond

SEIU 521 Endorsement: In SEIU 521’s democratic endorsement process, members vetted potential candidates, evaluated their positions, and weighed the issues before making their final recommendation for endorsement.

Sole Endorsement: Identifies candidate as a valued supporter of the Labor Movement. COPE (Committee on Political Education) advertises its endorsement of the candidate to all of its members through its comprehensive voter contact program.

Open Endorsement: Identifies candidate as a valued partner of the Labor Movement and shows a commitment to strengthening the relationship. Allows affiliated unions to endorse or contribute to the candidate.

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