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Fresno County Officers Election Voting Site (PDF)

Statement from James Hackett on the release of the Fresno County budget

Unit 4: Fresno County Unit 4: Protect our jobs against outsourcing

PDF: FC Unit 4 Outsource Threat Flyer 8.6.12

The County BOS is trying to make it easier to outsource our jobs.
This weekend, the Fresno Bee reported that Supervisor Poochigan is pushing for a November ballot measure that would make it easier to outsource county services. If it passes, her first target would be the hard working employees of the Fresno County Public Defenders Office.

Unit 4: Ever wonder why management is dragging its feet at the bargaining table?
It’s because the county believes that we’re divided in Unit 4.
They are wrong! And we will show them!

Bargaining Update – July 26
Slowly but surely, we are winning at the negotiations table. After some long bargaining sessions over the last two weeks, we can say with confidence that the annual leave takeaway is completely off the table. Read more …

Bargaining Update – July 6
The county has backed off its demands to cut our annual leave!

Fresno County Workers Stand Together for a Strong Contract!
Hundreds of workers sign petition calling on BOS to bargain a fair contract and to treat us with respect!

On July 17, Fresno County supervisors officially adopted a resolution proclaiming July16-20 as “Appeals Specialist, Eligibility Worker and Job Specialist Appreciation Week.”

County workers were appreciative of the gesture, but called on the board to recognize the hard work of every Fresno County employee by negotiating a fair contract.  Read more . . .

Bargaining Update – June 21
By sticking together in SEIU Local 521, we have the best chance of winning a strong contract that protects our jobs and our future.
Join the fight!  To get involved, contact your leadership, SEIU staff or call the union office at (559) 447-2560.
FC, Negotiation Update 6.21.12 (PDF)

Update, June 7: The county wants to cut the annual leave donation program.

Our bargaining team won for us!
Click to find out which bad proposal Fresno County has now given up on!

Bargaining update, May 19
Our SEIU 521 Fresno County Negotiating Team met with the county on Thursday and the employer provided additional data we had requested.

Our Union, Our Bylaws, Our Voice!
Fresno County members approved a new set of locally created bylaws that let us reshape our union.


Here’s where we are:
We had five days of hearings, which ended Friday, April 27.

The judge gave both sides until June 1 to turn in closing briefs, then until June 11 for responses. That’s a month and a half away, which might seem like a long time. But it’s actually unusually fast for PERB. It seems the judge realizes how important a speedy resolution is to us.

Read more…

What does SEIU 521 do for us?

As SEIU, we negotiate the contracts that protect us
As SEIU, we fight for fair pay and conditions

Read more…

Member wins seat on Fresno County Retirement Board
Member Laura Basua was successful in her pursuit for an open general member seat on Fresno County’s Employee Retirement.

Fresno County Supervisors resist order to testify
The county attorney’s office says the supervisors will move to quash the judge’s subpoena, which was issued on behalf of SEIU Local 521.

Back to work for Fresno County workers, stronger than ever
Was it worth it? Did the public feel the impact?
Listen to what some of the member leaders and “Strike Captains” had to say.
Read the PERB update – Jan. 26, 2012 (PDF)

Read the PERB complaint against Fresno County (PDF)

Negotiations Update – Nov. 3, 2011

The County continues with its overall double digit pay cut from your pockets, while rejecting your negotiation team proposals that would help save the County millions of dollars.
Read more

CALL TO ACTION!  Join your co-workers in informing the community.
Wednesday, November 9
Time:  5:30 p.m.–7 p.m.
Location:  NE corner of Nees & Blackstone Avenues
Meet in the In-n-Out Burger Parking Lot
Fight the “outrageous” proposed cuts to you by the Board of Supervisors.
Bring a co-worker, family and friends!
FC, Call to Action Flyer 11.9.11 (PDF)

Oct. 28, 2011

FC, Negotiations Update Flyer 10.28.11 (PDF)

The Board of Supervisors is voting Tuesday to give special retirees in extra help positions a 12 percent raise while proposing to cut our salary by 12 percent or more. Be seen and heard at the BOS meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Fresno County has changed its position and is working with us towards an agreement on our voluntary life insurance.  Our contract expires Oct. 30, but there will be no change to our salary, benefits and rights.

Oct. 21, 2011

Fresno County continues to demand its $45+ million from your and your family’s pockets. Your bargaining team continues to fight to minimize the impact to all members and your families.

Health Insurance Update: The county has offered to continue their current contribution rate. New rates are going up which will mean
another increase in cost for every employee.

Message from your Contract Action Team: Your CAT members would like to thank those who showed up to take action at the Candlelight Vigil against the proposed pay cuts and the non-economic cuts which would take your rights away.

THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER YET! Show up to protect your contract!
5:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 26, at 2281 Tulare Street (Tulare and M street, in front of the Hall of Records)

FC, Negotiations Update Flyer 10.20.11 (PDF)

Oct. 14, 2011

Fresno County refuses to follow current contract (MOU) by refusing to deduct your voluntary life insurance from your pay check.  This could cost you to lose this vital coverage.

County continues to reject your negotiating team proposals and continues to demand tens of millions from your pockets.

Oct. 7, 2011

Fresno County maintains its $50+ million hit, despite Supervisor Larson not being aware of the amount; the County’s chief spokesperson admits that the $50+ million pay cut to you is accurate.

Despite the county’s demand for more than 50 million dollars from your pockets, your bargaining team is standing firm to protect your rights and prevent the proposed cuts.

Sept. 29, 2011

The Fresno County Board of Supervisors REJECT 3 million dollars in new money that is owed to taxpayers, while they continue to DEMAND millions out of employees’ pockets.

County has REJECTED all non‑economic proposals.

Sept. 22, 2011

Your negotiating team has questioned the county department heads to see if they can justify their proposals.

The responses from the department heads does not justify the proposed PAY CUTS or YOUR RIGHTS being attacked.

Sept. 15, 2011


Fresno County has dropped its proposal to gut your Annual Leave!

The county is not backing off on:
· Major Pay Cuts
· Bilingual Pay
· All Other Economic Cuts

Not to mention most of your rights being attacked.

Sept. 8, 2011

SEIU Local 521 Bargaining Team has tentatively agreed on some NON-ECONOMIC Proposals.

The Bargaining Team proposed a 2 year extension with NO increases or decreases.  Fresno County wants you the members to HAND OVER all your rights, work harder and get paid less.

Sign Up to Get Involved! Contact Your Leadership or CAT Member!

Aug. 31, 2011—Negotiations begin!

The county is demanding:

  • You take a pay cut of 20 percent or more
  • You give up HALF of your annual leave
  • NO bilingual pay for those who provide this valuable service
  • Hundreds of more proposals taking away YOUR RIGHTS!

Fresno County wants you to work LONGER and HARDER for less pay and fewer rights.
Sign Up To Get Involved!  Contact Your Leadership or CAT Member.

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