SEIU 2016 International Convention


May 20-24, 2016

Detroit, MI

SEIU Local 521 Chief Elected Officer Luisa Blue has been elected as an Executive Vice President of SEIU International at the ‪#‎SEIUnstoppable‬ International Convention in Detroit.

There is now a vacancy for an interim Chief Elected Officer at SEIU Local 521.

TO APPLY: Submit your request for consideration for appointment as the Local Interim CEO to the SEIU Local 521 Executive Board no later than 3:00 p.m. on Monday, June 6, 2016.
For more details and requirements, read the vacancy announcement. (PDF)

Learn more here.

A vote count took place on March 23 after a delegate election March 17-22.
Click on the link below for the delegate election results.

Meet Your Delegates (PDF)

Convention Location: Detroit, Michigan

Travel Date: May 19, 2016
Convention: May 20 – 24, 2016

  • Delegates will have all their expenses (food, travel, shared accommodations) paid for by Local 521.
  • Delegates must schedule their own time off with their employer; no lost time will be reimbursed by Local 521.

SEIU. Unstoppable.
Together, we win. Tens of thousands of home care, fast-food, child care, airport workers and adjunct professors have won raises for 11 million workers in the growing Fight for $15 and union rights movement because of SEIU members and leaders. We are a force in bringing racial justice, immigration reform and workers’ rights to the forefront in the 2016 election. Join us at the 2016 International Convention and help continue the fight for justice.

The SEIU International Convention is held every four years to set the policy and direction for two million SEIU members. SEIU delegates will elect our International union officers, and establish the goals and strategies to meet the new realities for workers and to build power for working people.

This year will be an exciting Convention as we enter into the 2016 national presidential race, and debate and vote on Convention resolutions that will guide our union’s work over the next 4 years. Every elected delegate will be expected to help implement the resolutions adopted at the SEIU International Convention.

All members of SEIU Local 521 who have been members of Local 521 in good standing, with no lapse in dues payment for a total of two years, are eligible for nomination and election to be a delegate to the upcoming SEIU International Convention.



3 Responses to “SEIU 2016 International Convention”

  1. Arlene Samrick says:

    Where exactly in Detroit is the convention being held? ALthough I now reside in California, I’m originally from Michigan. If attending I would want to know how close to family in that area I would be staying.

  2. kaleo kaluhiwa says:

    Let the Leaders know many of us are angry and disappointed that the powerful .01% of SEIU made the decision on behalf of the 99% to make an early endorsement of Clinton in the primary. This is undemocratic and exemplifies the main problem with our political system. I ended my biweekly COPE contributions because of it.

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