Steward Workshop Descriptions

Shop Stewards attending all five modules will become Certified Shop Stewards.

MODULE 1 – The Role of the Steward in an Organizing Union

2 1/2 hours

This is the overview of Local 521’s Organizing Program and the Role of the Steward and why the steward is the most important person for building power in the workplace. The workshop covers the topics:
– Why we have to organize
– Experienced stewards talking about their experiences organizing on the job

MODULE 2 – The Steward as the Voice of the Union

2 1/2 hours

In order to organize workers, you have to talk to them. The steward is the voice of the union in the workplace. We will train stewards how to perform basic and important one-on-one organizing functions:
– Greeting new workers
– Recruiting non-members
– Turning workers out to events

MODULE 3 – Investigating Workplace Problems

2 1/2 hours

When something happens in the workplace that might be a violation of the contract or workers’ rights, the first thing the steward has to do is get the answers to basic questions. The workshop will cover:
– Listening skills
– Using the “Investigation Form”
– Using the “Worker-Steward Investigation Agreement”
– Contract interpretation

MODULE 4 – The Steward and Discipline

4 hours

We cover the two basic situations where the steward must represent a worker who faces discipline:
– Investigatory meetings held by management that could lead to discipline
– The meeting where the worker responds to discipline for the first time

MODULE 5 – Meeting with the Boss

2 1/2 hours

Local 521’s policies make the informal step of any procedure the responsibility of the steward. Stewards want to know about:
– Dealing with different kinds of bosses
– “The equality principle”
– Compromising and settling issues

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