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Research shows that having a union means a having a better job and protections. Now more than ever, employees need every advantage to earn a fair wage, good benefits and a secure retirement. Being a 521 member provides a treasure chest of resources to secure the best contract.
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Strong Stewards
SEIU 521 provides ongoing training for stewards to keep members informed in the workplace, ensure the contract is enforced, and problem-solve issues before they become grievances. Stewards have immediate access to help from 521 Contract Enforcement Specialist Assistants (CESA) by calling the union office.

Contract Enforcement Specialists
SEIU 521 members have a Contract Enforcement Department (CED) on their side. CED provides representation for individual and group grievances and disciplinary issues. A dedicated CED staff person sees these issues through from the initial reporting to the very end.

Members and their steward call the local union office to reach a Contract Enforcement Specialist Assistant (CESA) trained to handle questions and concerns related to contract matters; worksite or disciplinary issues; and grievances. 521 CESA’s work closely with stewards to make sure members’ rights are always protected.
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To reach a Contract Enforcement Specialist Assistant: Call your union office.

Experienced Organizers
At SEIU 521, members are at the forefront of any campaign, whether its contract bargaining, political action, or speaking to the media.

Our experienced union organizers negotiate contracts, help guide members in developing leadership skills, assist in creating strategic campaign plans, help members hold politicians accountable, and facilitate member communication through newsletters and meetings.

Organizers use their extensive knowledge of labor rights and contract language to help members win the best contract for their worksite.

Are you getting paid what you’re worth? How do your benefits stack up with comparable workplaces? SEIU 521’s Research Department sifts through the data, crunches the numbers and gets to the bottom of these types of questions. Our Researchers carry out a wide range of responsibilities to support members, including conducting wage comparisons; analyzing state and local budgets; and staying ahead of government policies and legislation that affect public employees. After all, the more you know, the better you can negotiate.

In order to secure a good contract, it is critical for public sector employees to work with our elected officials. That’s when having a Political Department provides an advantage. Along with member participation, Political Organizers help build relationships with elected leaders, help elect candidates who represent working families and help members hold politicians accountable.

Effective messaging helps members win. That’s what the SEIU 521 Communications Department excels at. Working with members, Communications Specialists make sure our strategic, effective messaging cuts through the clutter and gets to the public through traditional news media, as well as a host of social media tools, including our 521 website, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Do you need to speak at a public meeting or talk to a reporter? Fear not. Our Communications staff also helps members get prepared for delivering their message clearly and on point.

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