Monterey County unpaid overtime wages

Monterey County has informed SEIU 521 that payments for miscalculated overtime earnings caused by the Auditor’s faulty payroll system are anticipated to be made on the Dec. 6, 2013 payroll. According to a county spokesperson, the payments will include the 20% penalty ordered by the arbitrator who heard our grievances.

As most employees are aware, beginning in September 2010 until approximately August 2011, overtime wages were miscalculated because the Auditor failed to configure the payroll system to calculate wages in accordance with our SEIU 521 contracts, which require inclusion of certain “non-productive” hours, such as vacation and compensatory time, for purposes of calculating overtime. The problem has since been corrected. But for 3 years, the Auditor has delayed paying employees the full amount of wages they earned.

SEIU 521 arbitrated grievances filed on behalf of all members of bargaining units F, H, J and K and received a favorable decision from the arbitrator granting an additional 20% of back wages owed, as compensation for the delay. Read more on this huge win here.

Click here to review the arbitrator’s decision (PDF)

You do not need to opt-in to receive your payment. The grievances cover every member of your bargaining unit.

While SEIU 521 cannot fully assure you that your back wages will be paid on Dec. 6, we want to inform you of the county’s intent to finally pay you the wages you are owed on that date. Please do not sign any documents to confirm receipt of your wages. If you are asked to sign anything, please let us know by contacting the SEIU 521 Contract Enforcement Department at (831) 824-9268 or

For any disputes related to the calculation of your back wages, please call the Auditor’s Office directly at (831) 755-5040.

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