Monterey County Members Stand Up for Their Contract

Winning At Work

We stood strong together… And we won!

Monterey County members have been diligently fighting with County Auditor Mike Miller regarding the his attempt to strong-arm the Board of Supervisors (BOS) into unilaterally implementing changes to our “Vacation Buy-Back” article in the MOU.

We stood tall and strong and told them in no uncertain terms:  “We have a contract…Honor It!” We let the Auditor know that he had failed to do his homework on this issue. He failed to contact the IRS to get a definitive answer on the “Vacation Buy-Back” article. He was assuming that he was right. He also assumed he was right back in 2010 when we sued him for not properly calculating overtime. He lost that case. He wasn’t right then, and he isn’t right now.  The Board unanimously supported the rights of our members and denied his attempt to unilaterally impose changes without bargaining.

This is a great victory for all proud Union sisters & brothers and their families. The Union wants to continue to fight for better terms and conditions of employment. We can’t do it alone. We must get active and engaged. We must stand united and strong to win for ourselves and our families. Be a part of your Union. Fight for better working conditions. Win for your family. If not us? Who? If not now? When?

Tammy Young Monterey County“We have a contract. Today the BOS Honored our contract against Millers bulling and intimidation tactics. We stood strong as a Union. We stood strong against the Auditors attempt to unilaterally gut our contract. We are standing together United, and we are winning. Join us and add your strength to our struggle.” – Tammy Young, Sheriffs Department, Bargaining Team Member


Julie Filice“Today our contract was honored by the BOS. The BOS supported our SEIU Local 521 members and the legal rights of our contract. We won on this issue by standing strong with other labor Unions. Together with other labor Union sisters & brothers we spoke out against Millers attempt to violate our contract. We need all members to stand with us as we go into bargaining. Become a Union leader, become a C.A.T. member, become a steward, get involved for yourself, your family and for the families of your Union sisters & brothers. !Si Se Hizo!” – Julie Filice, RMA, Chapter President

Join these courageous sisters & brothers in our upcoming contract negotiations. It is time for us to be the leaders we have been waiting for.

To get involved contact Jonathan Bernhardt at (831) 784-2563 or email

The power of our union is in its numbers. Become a member today!

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