City of Palo Alto Council: We Can Do Better Together



Mayor Eric Filseth: 650-329-2162
Vice-Mayor Adrian Fine:-285-3694

City Council Members:
Alison Cormack: 650-329-2480
Tom DuBois:-329-2571
Liz Kniss:-888-8671
Greg Tanaka:-968-9436
Lydia Kou:-308-9893

Message: The City works because WE DO. I urge you to work with us to fix retention and recruitment issues affecting the crucial services we provide to our residents. It’s shameful for such an affluent city to place the safety of our residents and workers at risk. Together let’s make Palo Alto a better place to live, work and raise a family.

The City of Palo Alto website states: “The mission of the Human Resources Department is to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse, well-qualified and professional workforce that reflects the high standards of the community we serve, and to lead City Departments in positive employee relations, talent management, succession planning and employee engagement.”


  • We currently have 83 vacancies, representing almost 14% of our workforce. Increased vacancies cost money, put unfair and unsustainable burdens on our city workers, many of whom are working overtime without adequate rest to continue to deliver services to our residents, and risking the safety not only of themselves but of the residents of Palo Alto as well.
  • Housing often represents more than 50% of our pre-tax income, causing many of us to have long commutes.
  • Our total compensation is below average among bay area cities; this is unacceptable for such an affluent city.

“We have been without a contract since the end of 2018! Our city services are in jeopardy as employees are leaving for opportunities with better pay and benefits. Meanwhile, the staff that remains is overworked, being asked to do the work of many due to all the vacancies that are piling up.”
– Alison de Geus

Describe with personal details the hardship you and your loved ones face, or the support you’d like to give to Palo Alto Workers.

Together let’s make Palo Alto a better place to live, work and raise a family.

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