Welcome to SEIU 521 Steward Corner!

This is just the beginning of the launch of our Steward Corner, with more features and content coming soon. We started with a survey earlier this year and we want to thank all the stewards who took the survey. Check out the survey results.

Stewards in Action

2018 Calendar for Our Leaders
Did you get your SEIU 521 calendar? If not, call your union office.

Steward Training Workshops
Contact your organizer or your union office for the next Steward training in your area.

SEIU Stewards Manual
As an SEIU steward, your job involves much, much more than handling grievances.

Members and Stewards’ Rights
The Right to Representation (“Weingarten Rights”) and Employment Rights.

Educational Resources for Leaders
All about retirement security; workplace safety and health sites; member leaders stepping up for working families everywhere.

Communications Materials

Contract Enforcement Department (CED)
SEIU 521 stewards have a Contract Enforcement Department (CED) on their side. CED provides representation for individual, group grievances, and disciplinary issues. To reach a Contract Enforcement Specialist Assistant, call your union office.

Benefits for Your Members

Get Your Members Engaged:

  • Membership Application
    Research shows that having a union means a having a better job and protections. Now more than ever, employees need every advantage to earn a fair wage, good benefits and a secure retirement. Being a 521 member provides a treasure chest of resources to secure the best contract.
  • COPE (Committee on Political Education)
    Through small, voluntary contributions to SEIU Committee on Political Education (COPE), we gain a strong voice for working people. With COPE, we can have a direct impact on elections and key issues in our communities.
  • Caucuses and Committees
    Our union is more than just an organization that files grievances against bad bosses. We mean it when we say “Community First” – and it starts with member involvement in our caucuses and committees.

Our Campaigns
Our big focus is on putting our Community First: Fight for $15; Child Care for All; Retirement Security for All; Immigrant Justice.

Comments, Suggestions or Questions?
We look forward to reading your feedback and ideas at communications@seiu521.org.

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