Welcome to 4Cs: A Message For New Workers

You’ve joined 4Cs during a very challenging, exciting time.

Last summer, 4Cs workers formed a union and voted to join SEIU Local 521. Being part of a union gives us a stronger voice at the workplace.

Our negotiations team – made up of your co-workers – is working on securing our first contract. But 4Cs management doesn’t want to work with us and has hired several anti-union lawyers to stall the process and deny us a fair contract. And this, should also concern you!

Without a union contract 4Cs Management can at any time:

• Make your probation period indefinite

• Change your healthcare cost and make you pay for 50% of it

• Deny you requests for accrued vacation days

As workers, we’re exercising our power to have a union contract that protects our rights and benefits and ensures that we have a voice at work to improve services.

We are not stopping until we secure a contract.  Your participation will make us stronger together!

To become a full member contact: Julie.Tran(at) SEIU.org

Click here for information on exclusive benefits to SEIU members

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