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Sept. 12, 2017

Members Vote YES on the Tentative Agreement!

City of Menlo Park union members overwhelmingly voted yes on the tentative agreement on Sept. 7, 2017.

The City Council is scheduled to vote to ratify the contract on Tuesday, Sept. 26. If the Council ratifies it, the pay raises will take effect beginning on Sunday, Oct. 1, and the increases will be seen on your paychecks on Friday, Oct. 20. If the Council fails to ratify, we will be going back to the bargaining table.

Thank you to our Bargaining Team for all your hard work, and to everyone who came out and voted!

Read the summary of our tentative agreement. (PDF)


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Chapter Leadership

Chapter Stewards
Keith Dowdell
Ronnie Smith
Yvonne Gulley
Heriberto Madrigal
Rene Morales

 Chapter Officers

  • Chapter Chair, Whitney Loy
  • Chapter Secretary, Mary Jane Salinas
  • 1st Vice Chair, Rene Morales
  • 2nd Vice Chair, Heriberto Madrigal

Chapter Contract(s)

Files in PDF format

City of Menlo Park Contract (11/10/2015- 06/30/2017)
City of Menlo Park – Side Letter – Appendix A & B
City of Menlo Park – Bylaws



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