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We represent nearly 5,000 workers at the County of Monterey.

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Localwide News

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2018-2020 Monterey County Chapter Board

We are pleased to announce the 2018-2020 Chapter Board:

Chapter Officers
Julie Filice, President
Pat Butcher, Vice President
Harry Gamotan, Secretary

Board Members
Elaine Allred, Unit J Director
Enid Donato, Unit J Director
Felipe Enriquez, Unit F Director
Teobaldo Esparza, Unit J Director
Estella Padilla, Unit H Director

Chapter Officers and Chapter Board Members will serve a three-year term, and will be seated and sworn into office at the February 21 Chapter Board Meeting.

For more information, read your Chapter Bylaws:

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Chapter News Archive

Chapter Meetings & Events

SEIU Local 521 Chapter Meeting
When: 3rd Wednesday of each month from 5:45 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Where: SEIU Local 521 Office, 334 Monterey Street, Salinas
Monterey County Chapter Agenda- Chapter Agenda Jan 17, 2018

Monthly Worksite Meetings:

Health Department, 1270 Natividad Road
When: 2nd Tuesday of each month, Noon to 1 p.m.
Where: Whitney Rooms A & B

Government Center, 168 W. Alisal Street in Salinas
When: 2nd Wednesday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Pinnacles Room, 1st Floor

The Quad, 1000 S. Main Street, Salinas
When:  2nd Thursday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Suite 110

Laurel Yard, 855 E. Laurel Drive
When: 3rd Wednesday of each month from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Where: Building C

King City DSS, 116 Broadway Street, King City
When:  3rd Wednesday, every other month (April, June, August…) from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Vendome Room

Natividad Medical Center, Meetings by Unit
Please contact Miguel Sauceda at (831) 784-2575 to schedule a meeting for your unit.

Steward Workshops
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CED Victories

SEIU 521 Steward, Local Hero

SEIU 521 Steward Cathy Stanley is a local hero in Watsonville. Earlier this month, she came across a car accident and took action that was above-and-beyond the call-of-duty.
Learn more

Are our county jobs for sale?

That’s the direction Mark Mariscal, Monterey County Parks Department Director, seems to be headed and our elected officials – the board of supervisors – aren’t doing anything to stop him.

Learn more

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2018 Member Discount

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Chapter News

Tentative Agreement Passed: August 2016

On August 1st, 85% of you voted in favor of the master contract language in the tentative agreement.

Individual units also voted in favor of the contract language specific to their unit:
Unit J: 85% – Yes
Unit K: 87% – Yes
Unit H: 83% – Yes
Unit F: 75% – Yes
Temps: 71% – Yes

Together, we stood UNITED to FIGHT and WIN a fair contract! This agreement is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of your bargaining team and all of our members who rallied, spoke at the board of supervisors, petitioned and showed visible support for their union and for a strong contract.  This contract prioritizes frontline workers and ensures that Monterey County workers are recognized for the valuable services you provide.

View the full contract and summaries.

The contract has already been ratified by the Board of Supervisors and is effective immediately. Members can expect to see the first salary increase reflected in their paycheck on August 26.  While we will continue to work hard to push the county to improve working conditions, this three-year contract is a good start in the right direction.

Congratulations for standing strong together. United we fought and won.

Chapter Newsletters

Monterey County News, March 2017 (PDF)
Monterey County News, June 2015


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Chapter News Archive

Chapter Leadership

Monterey County Chapter Board Structure (PDF)

Chapter Officers

President: Julie Filice, Unit J
Vice President: Jess Barreras, Unit J
Secretary: Harry Gamotan, Unit J
Unit J Director, OET: Carlos Martinez
Unit J Director, RMA: Arlene Samrick
Unit J Director, NMC: Enid Donato
Unit J Director, IT:  Juan Plascencia
Unit J Director, Child Support Services:  Dean Carothers
Unit J Director, Sheriffs:  Tammy Young
Unit J Director, Social Services:  Vacant
Unit K Director, Social Services: Angela Gomez
Unit K Director, Eligibility Workers: Amarilis Gutierrez
Unit K Director, All over Classifications, Gwendolyn Griffin
Unit H Director, NMC: Mike Rossi
Unit H Director, Health Department:  Vacant
Unit H Director, At Large:  Linda Luna
Unit F Director, NMC:  Pat Butcher
Unit F Director, Health Department: Yvette Carreon
Unit R Director, Vacant

Chapter Stewards

Having a problem at work? Contact your worksite steward first.

Monterey County Stewards List January 2018 (PDF)  (by worksite and department)

Steward Nomination Petition, Policy, and Acknowledgement Form (PDF)

Bargaining Te

Unit J

Elaine Allred (Social Services)
Daniel Arce (NMC)
Dean Carothers (DCSS)
Brian Contreras (911)
Nick Diaz (NMC)
David Mack (Planning)
Arlene Samrick (Building)
Tammy Young (Sheriffs)
Ana Medrano (NMC)

Unit K

Chris Hernandez (Eligibility Worker)
Luis Saldana Ruiz (Social Worker)
Minerva McNabb (Psychiatric Social Worker)
Araceli Flores (Behavioral Health)

Unit F

Pat Butcher (NMC)
Donald Clark (911)
Sandra Tauriac (Health)

Unit H

Adelina Daniels (NMC)
Linda Luna (NMC)
Ana Mendoza (Health)
Mike Rossi (At Large)
Eileen Mosqueda (Health)

Nomination Forms for Vacancies – March 2016  (PDF)

Elections Committee Sign Up (PDF)

Chapter Contract(s)

Monterey County Bylaws (PDF)


Monterey County Contract (Unit J, H, F, K and Temps) (PDF)*
Monterey County Contract (Unit R) (PDF)

*Please note: Contract is a large PDF file and may take some time to load

Side Letters
Monterey County Side Letter, Shift Differential (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Educational Leave (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Floating Holidays (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Reclass and Transfer (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Involuntary Transfers (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Effects Bargaining (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Eligibility Supervisors (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Emergency Communications (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Premium Holiday (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Behavioral Health Supervisors (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Health Care Technician  (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter Agreement, Alternative Benefit Option (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Time Off Buy Back Process (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Physician Assistant (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Education Leave for Bargaining Unit K (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, On Call for Social Worker Supervisor II in Bargaining Unit F (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Education Leave for Bargaining Unit H  (PDF)

Tentative Agreements
Monterey County Tentative Agreement, Contract Extension (PDF)
Monterey County Tentative Agreement Summary Non-NMC, Oct. 2013 (PDF)
Monterey County Tentative Agreement Summary NMC, Oct. 2013 (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Speech Pathologist (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

Tell the Board We Say No to Healthcare Concessions

After members’ successful show-of-force before the Board of Supervisors on Monday, the county moved only a little bit and today countered our proposal with a 2% raise in the 3rd year. The bottom line remains that healthcare concessions from workers will deepen the county’s recruitment and retention crisis and harm employees already struggling.

Tell the Board “NO!”


Monterey County Rally

We showed the county we’re ready to #UniteFightWin!

We had a huge turnout at our rally on March 15 and we showed management and the board that we are UNITED, and ready to FIGHT and WIN for for a strong contract that will benefit frontline workers and our community.

Click here for videos, photos and more info.


Chapters Unite to take Rights to Next Level

Members at Natividad Medical Center (NMC) and Monterey County Social Services are standing together to enforce their contract!

Currently, management believes they are obligated to pay shift differential only for hours worked after 3pm. But in 2013, SEIU members negotiated new shift differential rules for workers at NMC, which we believe requires payment of shift differential for an entire shift, not just part of it. They’re taking this matter to arbitration.  Read more here.

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