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Monterey County Behavioral Health: Victory
Abelina CamposOn August 6, 2014 a grave injustice was made right. The bosses had made a huge mistake and unjustly terminated Union Sister Abelina Campos. Without provocation, without grounds, and without just cause. Had Sister Abelina not been an SEIU Local 521 Union member, she would have had little recourse to fight this injustice. The employer provided her with a full apology for her unjust termination. In addition the employer had to reinstate Sister Abelina to her original position and make her whole for lost wages and related benefits.

Monterey County Board of Supervisors puts Community First!
NMC Rally
The proud members of SEIU Local 521 displayed the Power of Unity and what we can accomplish when we Stand Together.  On July 28, an overwhelming number of SEIU Local 521 members, physician leaders, RN’s and community allies stood up to fight a proposal to  pay a San Francisco consulting firm hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars to take over leadership of NMC.

We represent nearly 5,000 workers at the County of Monterey.

Having a problem at work? Contact your steward first.

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Chapter Meetings & Events

Chapter Meeting
Third Wednesday of each month at 5:45 p.m.
SEIU Local 521 Office, 334 Monterey Street in Salinas
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – October 2014 (PDF)

NMC Meetings to address SVMH Partnership
When:  Every Thursday, beginning Feb. 20 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: MIU Conference Room
Go here for more information:  NMC Wins a Seat at the Table (PDF)

Monthly Worksite Meetings:

Health Department, 1270 Natividad Road
When: 2nd Tuesday of each month, Noon to 1 p.m.
Where: Whitney Rooms A & B

Government Center, 168 W. Alisal Street in Salinas
When: 2nd Wednesday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Pinnacles Room, 1st Floor

The Quad, 1000 S. Main Street, Salinas
When:  2nd Thursday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Suite 110

La Guardia Social Services Office
When:  3rd Wednesday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Ventana Room

Laurel Yard, 855 E. Laurel Drive
When: 3rd Wednesday of each month from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Where: Building C

Seaside Social Services Office
When:  3rd Wednesday of each month from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: Bay View Conference Room

King City DSS, 116 Broadway Street, King City
When:  4th Thursday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Vendome Room

Natividad Medical Center, Meetings by Unit
Please contact Miguel Sauceda at (831) 784-2575 to schedule a meeting for your unit.

Steward Workshops
Sign up online

Chapter News

Chapter Newsletters

Monterey County News, October 2014 (PDF)

New Chapter Board Members and Contract Updates (June 18, 2014)

New Chapter Board
On March 19, Ben Franklin Jr., F Unit member and President of the Monterey County Chapter Board resigned as a result of a promotion into a management position within DSES. As such, the Board has made interim appointments for Officer positions within the Board in accordance with our Bylaws.

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More Chapter updates

Chapter News Archive

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers

President: Julie Filice
Vice President: Pat Butcher
Secretary/Treasurer: Nick Diaz
Unit J Director, OET-Carlos Martinez
Unit J Director, RMA-Arlene Samrick
Unit J Director, Social Services-Elaine Allred
Unit J Director, Sheriffs-Tammy Young
Unit J Director, Water Resources-Jess Barreras
Unit J Director, OET-Harry Gamotan
Unit J Director, NMC-Enid Donato
Unit K Director, Social Services-Yvette Carreon
Unit K Director, Behavioral Health-Ignacio Gonzalez
Unit K Director, Behavioral Health-Theresa Barreras
Unit H Director, NMC-Mike Rossi
Unit H Director, Health-Ana Mendoza
Unit H Director, At Large-Linda Luna
Unit F Director, Social Services-Jana Knopf


Chapter Stewards

Having a problem at work? Contact your worksite steward first.

Monterey County Stewards List (by unit, then department)

Monterey County Steward Nomination Form (PDF)

Bargaining Team

Unit J
Arlene Samrick, RMA
David Mack, RMA
Dean Carothers, Child Support
Elaine Allred, Social Services
Gonzalo Coronado, Health
Gregg McWilliams, Tax Collectors
John Roitz, Water Resources
Nick Diaz, NMC
Tammy Young, Sheriffs
Thomas Dovas, ITD
Julie Filice, Public Works

Unit K
Diego Quevedo, Social Services
Ignacio Gonzalez, Health
Yvette Carreon, Health
Suzanne Nielson, Health

Unit H
Ana Mendoza, Health
Josephine Mante, NMC
Linda Luna, NMC
Mike Rossi, NMC
Roger Van Horn, Health

Unit F
Ben Franklin, Social Services
Patricia Butcher, NMC
Sandra Tauriac, Health
Terri Gallardo, OET

Elections Committee Sign Up (PDF)

Chapter Contract(s)

Monterey County Bylaws (PDF)

Monterey County Contract, Unit J (PDF)
Monterey County Contract, Unit K (PDF)
Monterey County Contract, Unit F  (PDF)
Monterey County Contract, Unit R (PDF)
Monterey County Contract, Temps (PDF)

Check back soon for Unit H Contract or call Christopher Cox, Contract Enforcement Specialist at (831) 824-9268.

Side Letters
Monterey County Side Letter, Shift Differential (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Educational Leave (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Floating Holidays (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Reclass and Transfer (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Involuntary Transfers (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Effects Bargaining (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Eligibility Supervisors (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Emergency Communications (PDF)
Monterey County Side Letter, Premium Holiday (PDF)

Tentative Agreements
Monterey County Tentative Agreement, Contract Extension (PDF)
Monterey County Tentative Agreement Summary Non-NMC, Oct. 2013 (PDF)
Monterey County Tentative Agreement Summary NMC, Oct. 2013 (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

New Monterey County Board Members
After an open nomination period announced last month, the Monterey County Chapter Board now has new Board members for the remaining term of the Board.
Read more

Opening on the Equal Opportunity Advisory Commission
The Monterey County SEIU Local 521 Chapter Board is seeking members who would be interested in serving on the Monterey County Equal Opportunity Advisory Commission as the SEIU Local 521 representative.

NMC wins when we stand together
Natividad Medical Center (NMC) has secured its path to becoming a Level II Trauma Center and SEIU Local 521 NMC members can feel proud! Our hard work and commitment to putting our Community First was publicly acknowledged by members of the Board of Supervisors on Jan. 28.

Payroll Grievance Update: Monterey County Workers Finally Receive Back Pay (PDF)

Important information for all Monterey County employees owed unpaid overtime wages

Monterey County has informed SEIU 521 that payments for miscalculated overtime earnings caused by the Auditor’s faulty payroll system are anticipated to be made on the Dec. 6, 2013 payroll.

Members vote yes to new contract
The hard work of our Bargaining Team has been supported by the union membership, with 63% of voting members ratifying the contract with Monterey County.

Members Approve Tentative Agreement (PDF)

Tentative Agreement Summaries (PDF):

Monterey County residents flock to health fair to get Covered California info
Sen. Monning speaking at NMC health fairCovered California’s first big debut in Monterey County met with an enthusiastic public as hundreds came on Oct. 2 to a free health fair organized by SEIU Local 521 in partnership with the county and Natividad Medical Center.



NMC wins first county trauma center

Bargaining Update & General Membership Meeting (PDF)

URGENT Bargaining Update, Sept. 20 (PDF)

Bargaining FAQ (PDF)

Monterey County workers rally at Board of Supervisors
Monterey County Chapter RallyTired of management perks and increased workload, Monterey County workers rallied Tuesday, Aug. 27 at the Board of Supervisors in Salinas.

Monterey County workers rally for a fair contract
Over a hundred Monterey County workers rallied on July 19 to demand a fair contract.

Moco-Rally-Disparity-06052013Monterey County workers rally against disparity
Hundreds of Monterey County members rallied against the growing disparity between management and frontline workers on June 5.

Monterey County Bargaining Update, July 1 (PDF)

Monterey County Chapter: Bargaining Update, May 29
Management Enjoys Increases, Workers Asked to Cut More…
Don’t miss the Rally for Community Services and Fair Contract on Wednesday, June 5.
Read more »

Monterey County Behavioral Health Workers: Putting patients first
On May 2nd, we had a meeting on the issue of the changing staff’s roles and responsibilities when dealing with our clients.

Past DueMonterey County Payroll Update
County auditor blows deadline for payment of miscalculated overtime wages.  Interest penalty goes up to 20%.  Read more

Movies for the 99% in Salinas
An open to the public film series intended to give a workers and people’s perspective on some of the most important issues of our day.

Monterey County WorkersMonterey County workers win back pay!
After a two-year struggle for justice, an arbitrator finally ruled that Monterey County violated workers’ contracts and ordered the county to repay all SEIU members what they are owed by March 1, 2013.
AB 276

NMC bill sails through Assembly, on to Governor
A more secure future for Natividad Medical Center, its community, and its contract are on the horizon, thanks to 521 members helping to move our hospital bill through the state Assembly.
Read more

Monterey County workers: Tell us your cost-saving idea!

Help us protect services and jobs by finding innovative cost-saving ideas for the county to cut waste.

Blue Cross: Do the right thing!

Mega-insurer covers 80 percent of Monterey County and is using its clout to maximize profits at the community’s expense. What can you do? Add your name to the petition to demand that Blue Cross negotiate a fair contract and bring affordable healthcare to county residents, workers and businesses.

Members celebrate Jane Parker’s victory

Precinct walk for Fernando Armenta in Monterey County
Monterey County members supporting Fernando Armenta

Honoring workers: County supervisor spends day working at hospital

Monterey County members vote 91% YES on new bylaws
With a resounding 91% YES vote, we approved a new set of bylaws that unifies all Monterey County units into one stronger chapter.  The next step will be to elect our chapter officers in June.

Monterey County Officers Election News (PDF)
In this issue: Meet the candidates for Monterey County Chapter Office and see the vote schedule for the Chapter Officers election.

Monterey County News, April 2012 (PDF)
In this issue:  Monterey County members vote 91% on new Bylaws and information on signing up for the Monterey County Elections Committee.

Monterey County members ratify new contract language
After months of negotiating, all four of the SEIU-represented bargaining units (F, J, H, and K) overwhelmingly ratified their contracts on Oct. 27, 2011.
Read more »

Governance Change update – Oct. 13, 2011: 521 members are actively engaged in lobby efforts with the Monterey County Board of Supervisors to remain a part of our governance change process; to ensure health services and workers are not negatively impacted; and to ensure workers’ rights and negotiated benefits are protected.
Click here for more information.

Monterey County News, July 2014 (PDF)
Monterey County News, May 2014
Bargaining Update, July 1 (PDF)
Bargaining Update, May 29 (PDF)
Bargaining Update, May 13
Bargaining Update, April 26 (PDF)
Bargaining Update, April 17 (PDF)
Bargaining Update, March 20 (PDF)
Monterey County News, March 2013 (PDF)
Monterey County News, October 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County News, August 2012 (PDF)
Region 2 in Action – Volume 3, May 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County News, March 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County News, October 2011 (PDF)
Monterey County News, August 2011 (PDF)
Region 2 in Action – Volume 2, July 2011 (PDF)
Monterey County News, June 2011 (PDF)
Monterey County News, April 2011 (PDF)
Region 2 in Action, April 2011 (PDF)

Agenda of Chapter Meeting
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – August 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – September 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – October 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – November 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – December 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda  – January 2013 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – February 2013 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – March 2013 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – March 2014 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – April 16, 2014 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – May 21, 2014 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – June 18, 2014 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – July 16, 2014 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Agenda – August 20, 2014 (PDF)

Minutes of Chapter Meeting
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Minutes – July 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Minutes – August 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Special Chapter Meeting Minutes – August 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Minutes – September 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Minutes – October 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Minutes – November 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Minutes – December 2012
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Revised Minutes – December 2012 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Minutes – January 2013 (PDF)
Monterey County Chapter Meeting Minutes – February 2013 (PDF)

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