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City of Salinas SMEA Chapter Elections for the 2018-2019 calendar year

Official Nomination Form  (PDF)

City of Salinas-SMEA Board Position Responsibilities  (PDF)

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Members filled the Salinas City Council chambers at the January 24 meeting.

Members filled the Salinas City Council chambers at the January 24, 2017 meeting.

Less than 2 months after negotiating new contracts with city workers, the Salinas City Council is already breaching the terms of our labor contracts! Last April, SEIU Local 521 successfully won new contract language that guarantees workers will have access to a neutral hearing officer on the Grievance Board if they are ever disciplined for alleged misconduct. Now the city attorney’s office is falsely claiming the new language does not apply to discipline cases, which left us with little choice but to file these grievances.

Simply put, the city attorney’s office is trying to rig the system, because they would prefer to select a partisan hearing officer for the Grievance Board who will rubber-stamp any wrongful discipline imposed by management. It’s a pathetic legal maneuver by the city attorney’s office because they are scared of workers having any rights under a labor contract.

Members of our negotiating team are scheduled to meet with management on Tuesday, June 27 to discuss resolving our grievances. Watch this space for updates.

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Chapter Meetings & Events

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Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers

Co-President: Randy Casey
Co-President: Kathy Wilson
Sergeant-at-Arms:  Daniela Debaca

Blue Collar:
President:  Ray Montemayor

Crew Supervisors:
President:  John Sorensen
Vice President:  Don Gullion

Bargaining Team

Meet Your Bargaining Team!

City of Salinas B Team

Randy Casey
Kristy Parker
Daniela Debaca

Blue Collar:
Ray Montemayor
Ronald Patterson
Ulises Carango
Ramon Herrera

Supervisory Blue Collar:
Victor Baez
Ray Lerma

Chapter Stewards

Kristen Parker (Dev/Permit Services)
Daniela Debaca (Dev/Permit Services)
Robert Dennehy (Library)
John Falkenberg (Dev/Permit Services)
Betty Wilder (Police)
Maria Orozco (Community Development)
Rony Musones (Fire)
Esmeralda Alvarez (Library)

Blue Collar:
Raymond Montemayor (Maintenance Services)
Victor Baez (Maintenance Services)
Julian Vasquez (Maintenance Services)
Ramon Herrera (Maintenance Services)
Alex Brambila (Maintenance Services)

Crew Supervisors:
John Sorensen (Maintenance Services)
Donald Gullion (Maintenance Services)

Chapter Contract(s)

Files in PDF format

Contracts (04/18/2017-04/30/2018)
City of Salinas Contract, SMEA
City of Salinas Contract, Blue Collar
City of Salinas Contract, Crew Supervisors

City of Salinas Bylaws, SMEA


Files in PDF format

Region 2 Cities Newsletter – February 2017 (PDF)

City of Salinas News – January 2016 (PDF)

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