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We represent nearly 455 workers at the City of Santa Cruz.

April 4, 2016

Brothers and Sisters:

On March 30th  SEIU 521 members ratified the Tentative Agreement reached on March 24th  with a unanimous City of Santa Cruz Temps100% vote of approval by the members.

This is a start, the beginning of paving the road to wage recovery for all City Temp workers in order to provide a true living wage for our lowest paid workers and a pathway to job permanency by investing in the workforce to provide quality permanent full time jobs that help strengthen our community.

Many thanks to the bargaining team; Ashlyn Adams, Kathleen Aston and Leslie Auerbach for their hard work, passion and dedication to the bargaining process. You are all great leaders!

To City members Temp and Perm, Congratulations to all of you for stepping up to fight together and for supporting the Bargaining team, it was greatly appreciated.

Special shout out to Kyle Pachet, thanks for your help.

Solidarity is strength!

In Unity,

SEIU 521 City of Santa Cruz Temp Bargaining Team and SEIU 521 staff

SEIU Local 521 – City of Santa Cruz TA Agreements

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Doris Henry – Parking
Henry (Hank) Aranda – Wharf
Dave Tomasello – City Garage
Xander Joyet – Sanitation
Leslie Auerbach – Library
Bernabe Carranco – Resource Recovery Facility
Sal Sumano – Resource Recovery Facility

Bargaining Team
Doris Henry – President Cathy Escobar – Region 1
Jonna Hubling – Region 2
Xander Joyet – Region 3
Rene Belling – Region 4
Leslie Auerbach – Region 5
Michael Gomes – Region 6
Sasha Lydon – Region 7
Ted Rossiter – Region 8

Bargaining Team – Temps
Ashlyn Adams
Kathleen Aston
Leslie Auerbach

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City of Santa Cruz MOU -July 4, 2015 to March 22, 2019 (PDF-Searchable)
City of Santa Cruz-Temps MOU – April 9, 2016 to June 12, 2020 (PDF-Searchable)
Bylaws – City of Santa Cruz (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

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Against the will of library employees and community members, the Santa Cruz library board approved a new staffing plan Oct. 3, 2011 that will replace permanent staff with temporary workers. Oct. 2, 2011 |
Opinion by Rene Belling: Library reorganization deserves more discussion Sept. 30, 2011 |
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City of Santa Cruz workers and community groups challenge Santa Cruz City Council to defend Social Security benefits for temporary employees.
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