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Hotline To get the latest information on the 2015 contract campaign and bargaining, please call (831)824-9270.

SEIU 521 members deliver comprehensive proposal to City management!

On Monday March 23rd, members held a campaign kickoff rally in front of City Hall to show solidarity and let the management know that workers are ready to recover with the City and put quality public services at the forefront.  Today, the team delivered a comprehensive proposal to the City that respects and values SEIU 521 members and focuses on our community and how the Council is transparent and inclusive with the Community.  The City did respond in part, by saying that there were looking at proposing increases.

City of Santa Cruz Kickoff Campaign 2015

Our proposal includes workers moving along the path of recovery by converting the two – 2 % percent wages increases in the last two years (total 4%) to permanent structural changes, as a base line for moving up. Unfortunately the City claims that it is only 2% percent that workers would recover, given that all the concessions were packaged together, rather than the 4%.  This is not  what members bargained and not what we agreed to at the table.

Our next bargaining meeting will be held on Thursday April 2nd , where we will get responses from the City on some proposals, but not likely on economic proposals since they must discuss this with the Council on April 21st and cost our proposal out. Please see Union Proposal #1: SEIU Local 521 Proposal #1 – City of Santa Cruz 03.26.2015

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  • Stay tuned – call our hotline for updates or talk with a bargaining team member or Contract Action Team Member (City of Santa Cruz CAT List)
  • Attend next membership meeting on April 9 at 5:30p at Union office -SEIU Local 521, 517 Mission St., Santa Cruz, CA

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A key step in winning a strong contract is the ability to demonstrate to the City that  members are willing to fight. We are looking for Members to sign up to take action in support of upcoming contract negotiations by joining Contract Action Teams (CAT’s). Sign-up Sheet: Contract Action Team members will be called upon to take part in actions that will help to secure a better contract  – informing coworkers, sending delegates to meet with City Council members, wearing stickers, lobbying legislators, signing petitions, and participating in other worksite activities that lets the City know that we are serious.

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We’re All In!  Standing Up for Quality Service and Dignity for All!

The City of Santa Cruz acknowledges it is recovering thanks to city workers’ sacrifices.  But city workers have yet to recover.  Share your story of surviving in an economy that is leaving working families behind. Print Form: City of Santa Cruz Worker Stories (PDF) Fill out online:

Region 2 Steward Commitment 2014 A message to all our stewards in region 2 from Matt Nathanson, Region 2 Vice President: “We are launching our Region 2 Steward Commitment 2014 Process. All stewards in our region are being mailed a copy of the Steward Policy and nomination form. Please read and sign the policy, and complete nomination form if you wish to continue your Steward role.” Click here to read more. Quick Links: Chapter Meetings & Events Chapter News Chapter Leadership: Officers, Stewards, Bargaining Team Chapter Contract(s)

Chapter Meetings & Events

City of Santa Cruz General Membership Meeting When: Thursday, April 9, at 5:30 p.m. Where: SEIU Local 521 Union Hall, 517 Mission St. in Santa Cruz On the Agenda -Update on first bargaining session -Join the fight! Details of first solidarity action If you have any questions, contact Internal Organizer, Veronica Rodriguez at (831) 824-9261 or Steward Workshops Sign up online now

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Chapter Officers President: Doris Henry,, 420-4232 Vice-President: Cathy Escobar,, 420-6109 Chapter Stewards Having a problem at work? Contact your worksite steward first: We apologize, we are currently updating the City of Santa Cruz Chapter Steward List.   Please contact Christopher Cox, SEIU Local 521 Contract Enforcement Specialist if you need assistance finding a Steward. Office: (831) 824-9268 Email: Bargaining Team Doris Henry – President Cathy Escobar - Region 1 Jonna Hubling – Region 2 Xander Joyet – Region 3 Rene Belling – Region 4 Leslie Auerbach - Region 5 Michael Gomes – Region 6 Sasha Lydon – Region 7 Ted Rossiter – Region 8

Chapter Contract(s)

City of Santa Cruz MOU – Jul. 6, 2013 to Jul. 3, 2015 (PDF-Searchable) Contract – City of Santa Cruz-Temps MOU – June 26, 2010 – April 8, 2016 (PDF-Searchable) Bylaws – City of Santa Cruz (PDF) City of Santa Cruz 2013 Tentative Agreement Summary (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

521 honors fallen police officers Region 2 in Action – Volume 3, May 2012 (PDF) Santa Cruz City Watchdog, May 2012 (PDF) Santa Cruz City Watchdog, March 2012 (PDF) Santa Cruz City Watchdog, Sept. 2011 (PDF) Region 2 in Action – Volume 2, July 2011 (PDF) Library board OK’s staffing change, without staff input Against the will of library employees and community members, the Santa Cruz library board approved a new staffing plan Oct. 3, 2011 that will replace permanent staff with temporary workers. Oct. 2, 2011 | Opinion by Rene Belling: Library reorganization deserves more discussion Sept. 30, 2011 | Photo album: Making signs for the Santa Cruz Libraries rally Sept. 27, 2011 | In the News: Library board meets ahead of vote on layoffs: Union wants more public input before decision Santa Cruz City Watchdog, Aug. 2011 (PDF) City workers to defend Social Security for temps (Jul. 26, 2011) City of Santa Cruz workers and community groups challenge Santa Cruz City Council to defend Social Security benefits for temporary employees. Santa Cruz City Watchdog, Sept. 2011 (PDF) Region 2 in Action – Volume 2, July 2011 (PDF) Santa Cruz City Watchdog, July 2011 (PDF) Santa Cruz City Watchdog, May 2011 (PDF) Region 2 in Action, April 2011 (PDF) Santa Cruz City Scoop, Feb. 2011 (PDF)

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