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City of Santa Cruz Newsletter – Compensation Study Update (PDF)

Meet your Temp unit Bargaining Team Members: Ashlyn Adams and Kathleen Aston and Leslie Auerbach (not pictured here) from the general unit.

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Bargaining for a successor contract for our temp employees in the City began in January. On January 29th, the City made its first proposal to our team which was a clear sign of how much they value temporary employees in the City while exploiting their valuable skills and services to our Santa Cruz community.

City’s offer:

The snap back of 4% salary scheduled for June 30th will proceed and the City will give temps a 4% COLA.  This is in essence a wash as temps will lose nothing in salary and the City is not giving anything new.  All similar tactics to what we experienced in last years negotiations.

  • Snap back of in lieu paid time in June. This means temps lose 3 hours of in lieu paid time (19 hours upon completion of 600 hours will be reduced to 16 hours effective July 1st) and after that, workers will accrue only 6 hours of paid time for every 200 additional hours instead of 9 hours.  This would increase to what Temps currently have in April 2017.
  • 1% COLA April 2018
  • 2.5% COLA April 2019
  • 4 year term to expire in June 2020

SEIU 521 proposal:

  •  Merge the general unit and temp contract together and mirror wage increases to temp employees
  • Create a path to permanency that reduces the abuse of temp employees and creates good quality city jobs that grows our workforce and dedication to the City of Santa Cruz

The City’s offer is NOT recovery for our Temp employees and only shows that the City wishes to continue exploiting temporary employees to live in abject poverty.  Temp workers can no longer be invisible and exploited while the City recovers  with increased temporary employees doing the work of full time employees.

Visit our Region II City of Santa Cruz website to view our proposal and the City’s proposal in its entirety.

City of Santa Cruz Proposal 01.28.2016
SEIU Local 521 Proposal 01.28.2016

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City of Santa Cruz Newsletter – Compensation Study Update (PDF)

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