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We represent nearly 26 workers at City of Coalinga.

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Contract Ratified!

Click here to view flyer: City of Coalinga Contract Ratification Vote Results Flyer July 2017 (PDF)

After years of extending our current contract the members of City of Coalinga overwhelmingly ratified their new contract!  The City of Coalinga Board Members approved our contract on July 6.  Congratulations to the Members and the Bargaining Team who worked tirelessly to reach a new agreement that addressed the member’s top concerns.

Together We Rise!

Click here to view new contract: City of Coalinga MOU 7.1.16 – 6.30.19 (PDF)


Chapter Meetings & Events

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Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers
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Chapter Stewards
Having a problem at work? Contact your worksite steward first:
Eric DeLeon (559) 942-0316
Robert Smith (559) 935-1534

Bargaining Team
Oscar Garza (559) 934-1231
Eric DeLeon (559) 942-0316
Robert Smith (559) 935-1534

Chapter Contract(s)

Files in PDF format

Our New contract is here!

City of Coalinga MOU 7.1.16 – 6.30.19


If a supervisor or manager requests a meeting that you think may lead to discipline, you should use your Weingarten Rights by stating:

“If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, I respectfully request that my union representative be present at the meeting.  Without representation present, I choose not to respond to any questions or statements.”

SEIU 521 Contract Enforcement Department is Fighting for Your Rights

Our contracts and rights need to be protected.  That’s why SEIU Local 521 members have a Contract Enforcement Department (CED).  It’s an easy way to get answers to your contract questions.  The CED has trained employees who can answer questions and even file grievances for you!

If you believe that disciplinary action will be taken against you, or that your contract has been violated, contact your steward and/or the Contract Enforcement Specialist Assistant (CESA) in your regional office.

Rachel Tudor, Contract Enforcement Specialist Assistant
(559) 447-2560 Monday—Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

You can still reach your Internal Worksite Organizer by telling the CESA that you need to speak to them.


Files in PDF format

Membership Meeting Flyer 8.15.17
City of Coalinga Contract Ratification Vote Flyer – 06/01/2017

City of Coalinga Tentative Agreements – 05/23/2017
Membership Meeting Flyer 05/15/2017
City of Coalinga Membership Meeting Flyer – 05/02/2017
Membership Meeting Flyer – 04/05/2017
City of Coalinga City Council Flyer – 03/16/2017

City of Coalinga Membership Meeting Flyer – 02/27/2017 
City of Coalinga Membership Meeting Flyer – 01/18/2017
City of Coalinga Meeting Flyer – 12/12/2016

City of Coalinga Newsletter – November 2016


Members Speakout at City Council Meeting – May 17City of Coalinga City Hall 3.16.17 cropped

Click here to view flyer: Members Speakout at City Council Meeting (PDF)

On March 16 a group of SEIU Local 521 members attended the City Council meeting.  Larry Miller and Eric DeLeon spoke during the public comment session and asked to be given a living wage for their commitment to the community.

It is time we turn up the pressure and let the City of Coalinga know that we are done rolling our contract over to the next year in hopes of being fairly compensated for the services we provide to the community.

Stay tuned for our next meeting.


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