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Unit 3 – Behavioral Health Composite
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Unit 4 – Eligibility Workers
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Unit 12 – Clerical
Unit 12 – Paramedical, Building & Service Employees
Unit 22 – Professional, Para Professional & Technical Employees
Unit 36 – Supervisors

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2018 Contract Negotiations Survey

The negotiating team is ready to negotiate the best possible contract on behalf of all of us. We need to continue the momentum.  The negotiating team needs your input and energy for negotiations. Please take time to complete the entire 2018 Contract Survey to help us negotiate a fair contract.

Please complete this survey no later than January 2, 2018.  Return to your representative, Shop Steward, CAT Team Member, by email, fax, mail/drop off or online.

Fill out your survey online:

Click here to download and print the survey: FC 2018 Bargaining Survey 11.1.17 (PDF)

Women’s March, Fresno – Saturday, Jan. 20 at 10:30 a.m.
Nees and Blackstone, between River Park and Villagio Shopping Center

The march is open to everyone who stands for human rights, civil liberties, tolerance and diversity, and compassion for our shared humanity.

Click here for details: Women’s Caucus Women’s March 1.20.18 (PDF)

Fresno County Board of Supervisors Town Hall Meeting
Come join SEIU members at a Town Hall to interview candidates for the Fresno County Board of Supervisors race.  Don’t miss your chance to have a say in who YOU think will be best for working people and our families!

Date:  Wednesday, Feb. 21
Time: 5:30 p.m. Dinner; 6 p.m. Meeting
Location: Union Office,  5228 E. Pine Ave., Fresno – Unity Hall

Please R.S.V.P. at (559) 447-2579 or to:

Click here to view or print flyer: Fresno BOS Candidates Town Hall 2.21.18 (PDF)


Thank you for electing Riley Talford and John Adams to our Fresno County Employees Retirement Association Board! 

The results are in! With your help SEIU members Riley Talford and John Adams have been elected to leadership positions on our FCERA Board – the race was close, with John Adams winning by only one vote. Every single vote truly counted in this election; thank you for voting to protect our retirement!
As frontline workers themselves, Riley and John are committed to putting your interests first and protecting our retirment. They plan to implement wise investment strategies to fund our retirement and will foster a culture of transparency and open communication between FCERA and Fresno County workers.
This victory is proof that when we stick together, we win. The FCERA election is just the beginning – as a union, our next step is to bargain for a new employee contract that invests in the frontline workers that serve Fresno County. Let’s carry this unity forward into 2018!

Members Ratify New Healthcare Contributions!

The Bargaining Team conducted a meet and confer regarding your healthcare and secured an additional contribution of $10 per pay period for employees on the Employee only plan and an additional $15 per pay period for employees on the Dependent/Spouse plan.  After a long voting process, members overwhelmingly ratified with a yes vote.

The Bargaining Team appreciates your participation and looks forward to working with you in upcoming negotiations to secure a great contract.

Fresno County BOS commits to investing in our community

Click here to view or print flyer: Fresno County BOS Community Flyer 9.25.17 (PDF)

Our message has gotten through and Fresno County is committing to invest in our community. The latest Fresno County budget is finally going to begin valuing working families and returning the County to an era when they were an employer of choice. Members attended the meetings and held unity breaks outside to reinforce our message and continue pressuring the board to do the right thing for workers and public services.

Three members addressed the board during the hearings. Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer Riley Talford said, “I’d like to thank the board for beginning to change the culture and the relationship between the employees and management.

The County Administrative Officer reasoned that, “If you support employees and recognize their importance to an organization then it certainly includes the family.”

The County made decisions based on the pillars of investing in public services by making wages competitive in Fresno County, improving the County’s fiscal position, and addressing significant capital project needs.

Supervisor Magsig talked about the budget says that even the numbers show “that in Fresno County, employees are working hard and doing a fantastic job.”

Although there is much work ahead, this shift towards investing in stabilizing and improving public services comes after years of campaigning and will make the work ahead more productive and less adversarial.

HBAC Committee News
Get involved!
May 12 Agenda
May 12 Minutes

Wage Restoration: All SEIU Represented Workers Receiving 2.5% Increase Effective July 3, 2017

Two and a half years ago, members of the Fresno County Chapter stood united in their call for restoration of the 9% wage cut imposed on workers by the County.  Workers called on the Board of Supervisors to provide livable wages and benefits for all SEIU workers who faced economic hardship due to the drastic cuts in pay.  These same workers continued to serve their communities while trying to balance their own budgets.

It was only through the work of members like you that we finally reached the end of the long road to restoration, with all workers receiving a salary increase of 2.5% effective July 3.  This is what it means to have member power.  It was through standing together in our Unity Breaks, lobbying of our Board Members, calls and petitions that we won a contract that begins to help workers recover.

The fight is not over.  While you should be proud of this victory, we know that the power of the union is the voice of the membership.  As we begin to prepare for our 2018 negotiations, we will need the strength of all of us to win an even stronger contract.  Winning a strong contract begins with YOU!  Talk to your Worksite Steward or Organizer today about joining the Bargaining Team or being a Contract Action Team member (CAT).

Better Valley Health
The San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority (SJVIA) Broker has recommended the Board change the currently offered Anthem HMO plan to an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Plan for the 2018 Plan Year. This was brought to the Health Benefits Advisory Committee in the last meeting for feedback. While the Board has not yet approved the recommendation to change plans, it’s important we understand what the proposed change means for those who would elect the EPO plan. We are still in conversations with the County regarding the proposed change.

What is an EPO Plan?
How does an EPO Plan differ from an HMO Plan?
Am I guaranteed to keep my current doctor if I elect to change to an EPO Plan?
What happens if I am out-of-network and need to see a doctor?

Click here to view flyer: BVH EPO Plan FAQ Flyer 6.2.17 (PDF)

Board Approves Salary Increases!

Click here to view flyer: FC BOS Approves Salary Increases (PDF)

The Fresno County Board of Supervisors approved a Tentative Agreement on salary increases for classifications in Bargaining Units 3, 12, and 36. This is a critical step in making Fresno County competitive and reducing turnover. By investing in workers, we can better deliver the quality public services our community deserves.

Step by step, we are winning for working people in Fresno County with a contract that puts our community first.  Only by standing together, rebuilding our power and our relationships with the Board of Supervisors have we made so much progress.  When we make the case for investing in quality public services, we win.

“This is great for our members.  Congratulations! Your Union continues the hard work to bring parity in salaries for all members! We are currently requesting the County to conduct salary studies for all represented classifications. Stay tuned and stay involved!” – Riley Talford, Fresno County Chapter President

Welcome our next generation of Shop Stewards collage
Our newest class of Shop Stewards was trained during a day-long event at the Fresno Unity Hall on March 11. Nearly two dozen additional Shop Stewards have been added to our union and they’re ready to build power in the Central Valley. New stewards will return to work across Fresno and Madera counties in the schools, courts, and county offices ready to protect our contracts.

Our next Shop Steward training is coming soon. Call the office or talk to a Shop Steward to find out how you can get involved.

Check out our March newsletter!

Members Stop the ER Copay Increase
Our success continues to grow as the San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority (SJVIA) board voted to take no action on increasing Emergency Room Co-pays for thousands of workers covered under the Anthem Plans. Next Better Valley Health Meeting is Feb. 28.
Click here for details.

New TAs for Fresno County

We have a number of new TAs in Fresno County. Members in Bargaining Unit 36 have a better process to sign up for overtime and the County will continue to follow California minimum wage laws.

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Chapter News Archive

The Fresno Bee has our healthcare story
The Fresno Bee has a solid look at our healthcare issues and how we’re working to improve access to quality care.

Members overwhelmingly vote to ratify TAs!
Members overwhelmingly voted “Yes” on Tentative Agreements with Fresno County on healthcare and grievance procedure! The County will pay an additional $50 per pay period to help cover the healthcare cost increases imposed by SJVIA. The total additional benefit is $4.6 million per year.

Click here for the flyer.

SJVIA will not freeze Kaiser enrollment in 2017
Our Better Valley Health Coalition attended the Oct. 28 meeting of the San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority (SJVIA). The County of Fresno requested SJVIA consider freezing Kaiser enrollment for the 2017 plan year. Our Fresno Health Advisory Committee and SJVIA staff both rejected freezing Kaiser enrollment as it would be harmful to our members and would cause disruption to the current open enrollment period. Click here for the flyer.

Tentative Agreements on the Grievance Procedure and Meet and Confer Process Pass!

Tentative Agreement for Fresno County Units 3, 4, 12, 22, 36 Meet and Confer (PDF)
Tentative Agreement for Fresno County Units 3, 4, 12, 22, 36 Grievance (PDF)
Fresno County Healthcare Rate Worksheet (PDF)

We have a Tentative Agreement on Healthcare!

We have a Tentative Agreement with Fresno County on healthcare! The County will pay an additional $50 per pay period to help cover the healthcare cost increases imposed by SJVIA. This invests $4.6 million per year back into the workforce.

Click here for more
Tentative Agreement for Fresno County Units 3, 4, 12, 22, 36 Addendum to MOU for Health Insurance (PDF)

Better Valley Health Coalition – A Coalition to bring better health to the Central Valley

We’re building a future where our friends, neighbors and families live and work without the threat of losing their insurance or the constant stress of not having access to healthcare.

We want to reach out to our members and educate you on the current healthcare crisis and how you can take an active role in winning access to quality affordable healthcare for all workers.

We believe that by coming together, we can have a powerful voice and influence the terms of our healthcare.

The HBAC Committee met on January 24, 2017

Below are documents that were handed out at the meeting:

Click here to view Anthem Emergency Room Savings Opportunity Analysis: SJVIA Avoidable ER Visits (PDF)
Click here to view a summary of the plan changes for 2017: Plan Year 2017 Changes Summary 1.3.17 (PDF)
Click here to view the meeting minutes: HBAC Meeting Minutes 1.24.17 (PDF)

HBAC Meeting Minutes:
HBAC Wellness Subcommittee Meeting Minutes 12.6.16 (PDF)

Better Valley Health Survey for 521 Members
A Health Survey for SEIU members in the San Joaquin Valley (Fresno County, Tulare County, Kings County, City of Hanford, Kings Superior Courts, Fresno Superior Courts, First Student Chapter, Student Transportation of America, Tulare City of Wasco-Kern)
The San Joaquin Valley is a challenging environment for health and healthcare. As union members, we are at the forefront of working to improve quality-of-life standards for our communities, but as workers we face our own personal health-related issues. This brief survey is designed as the first step to help assess how workers feel about their health/health care coverage and identify wellness programs that could promote better health outcomes.
Take the survey now!

Member to Member Leaders Advocating for Working Families!

Members accomplished the following by being united:

  • Educating members on the importance of being a union member
  • Being present at Board of Supervisor meetings
  • Showing up to work-sites
  • Having one-on-one conversations with members.  Providing updates on healthcare, Friedrich’s case, and workplace issues
  • Getting involved in precinct walking, voting and participating in actions in Oakland, CA

Click here to view flyer: FC Member to Member Flyer (PDF)

First meeting with new Fresno County Chapter executive board
Fresno group shot
Our new and returning Fresno County Chapter officers held an exciting first meeting in Fresno to talk about how to move our local forward.
Read more.

Community First - Fresno County

Chapter Meetings & Events

Important Bargaining Meetings for all SEIU 521 Members

Come find out about the bargaining survey results and prioritize what is most important to you!

All meetings will be held from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Lunch will be provided, please RSVP at (559) 447-2579.

  • Tuesday, Jan. 23 – “L Street, 1404 L Street, 1st Floor Conference Room
  • Wednesday, Jan. 24 – Brix Building, 1221 Fulton Mall, Lower Level Cafeteria
  • Wednesday, Jan. 24 – Fulton Mall, 1221 Fulton Mall, Conference Room A
  • Thursday, Jan. 25 – Crocker Building, 2135 Fresno Street
  • Friday, Jan. 26 – Heritage Center. 3151 N. Millbrook Ave.
  • Monday, Jan. 29 – Commissary Building, 4449 E. Kings Canyon Rd.
  • Monday, Jan. 29 – Fairgrounds, 4468 E. Kings Canyon Rd.
  • Tuesday, Jan. 30 – Main Building, Back Parking Lot Table
  • Wednesday, Jan. 31 – Barton Building
  • Thursday, Feb. 1 -Air Fresno, Main Break Room
  • Friday, Feb. 2 – Senior Resource Center, 2025 E. Dakota Ave.
  • Monday, Feb. 5 –  “L Street, 1404 L Street
  • Tuesday, Feb. 6 – Sunnyside Regional
  • Wednesday, Feb. 7 – Hall of Records, 2281 Tulare Street
  • Wednesday, Feb. 7 – Juvenile Justice Campus, 3333 E. American Ave.
  • Thursday, Feb. 8 – Main Building
  • Thursday, Feb. 8 – Metro Building


Department of Social Services Know Your Rights and Membership Meeting
Click here to view or print flyer: FC Membership Meeting Fulton 1.11.18 (PDF)

Date:  Thursday, Jan. 11
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Location: DSS Fulton Building, 1821 Fulton Street, Front Conference Room

Lunch will be provided to those who RSVP to (559) 447-2579 or to

Behavioral Health Department Membership Meeting
Click here to view or print flyer: FC Membership Meeting Metro BH 1.18.18 (PDF)

Date: Thursday, Jan. 18
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Location: Metro Behavioral Health, 4441 E. Kings Canyon Road, Bldg. 317, Yosemite Conference Room

Lunch will be provided to those who RSVP to (559) 447-2579 or to

Heritage Building Meetings – 2nd Tuesday of every month
Click here to view flyer: FC Heritage Building Meeting Flyer (PDF)

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 13
Time: 12—1:30 p.m.
Location: Heritage Building, 2nd Floor Break Room

Sequoia Building Lunchtime Meetings – 4th Tuesday of every month
Click here to view or print flyer: FC Sequoia Building Meeting Flyer 4th Tuesdays (PDF)

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 23
Time: 12:00- 1:00 p.m.

Location: Sequoia Building, Unit 3, Department of Social Services – Large Conference Room

Senior Resource Center Membership Meeting
Click here to view or print flyer: FC Membership Meeting SRC 1.22.18 (PDF)

Date:  Monday, Jan. 22
Time: 12:00- 1:00 p.m.
Location: Senior Resource Center, 2025 E. Dakota, Kaweah Room 

Come to the monthly meetings to ask your union representative questions, address issues, and unite as members!

Please RSVP your attendance at (559) 447-2579 or to

What’s Going on in my Union?

Want to learn about the latest happenings in your union?  Interested in becoming more involved or have a question about your contract or a worksite concern?  Need  a copy of your Union Contract?  Come by and see us!  We will be at a worksite near you soon!

Can’t make a worksite visit but have questions or want to get involved?  Contact your Internal Worksite Organizer at (559) 447-2560 for more information.

Steward Trainings: Sign up now

SEIU Local 521’s Education & Training Committee is proud to sponsor Steward Workshop series. Our union is growing. With the help of our dedicated members and shop stewards, SEIU Local 521 will continue to direct the power of our union back into the workplace where it belongs. Any SEIU 521 member can attend these free trainings. Sign up now!

Chapter News

Fresno County Newsletter August-September 2017

Click here to view newsletter: Fresno County Newsletter August-September 2017 (PDF)

 In this issue:

  • President’s Message by Riley Talford
  • Leadership Election Vote starts Monday, Sept. 11
  • Congratulations to your new Division Officers
  • Safety Concerns at Main Campus
  • Membership Meeting Oct. 10
  • Budget Hearings Begin Sept. 18
  • Healthcare Open Enrollment Begins Oct. 23
  • Health Fair Oct. 25
  • Contract Enforcement Dept. is here for you
  • Interested in Joining the Local-wide Executive Board?
  • Member to Member Leadership Training Sept. 9
  • Labor Day Events Sept. 4

Stay Informed! Stay Involved! Stronger Together!

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For text messages only, simply text 521FRESNO to 787753 to subscribe. (Standard text messages rates may apply.)

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Let’s get a contract!
It’s time for the Fresno Board of Supervisors to Invest in Fresno!  Let’s get to it.

Join our campaign and LET’S GET A CONTRACT!

Know the FAQs:  Answers to frequently asked questions

Click here to print flyer:  Fresno County FAQs (PDF)
Answers to Unit Modification click here to print flyer: FAQs on Unit Modification (PDF)

Fresno County Officers

Elected At Large
President – Riley Talford
1st Vice President – Alysia Bonner
Secretary – Denise Holland
Treasurer – Alex Betancourt
Chief Shop Steward – James Hackett

Fresno County Officers Elected By Division
Unit 3 Social Workers Vice President – Steven Ridley
Unit 3 Social Workers Recorder – Yolanda Reyes
Unit 3 Social Workers Senior Shop Steward – vacant

Unit 3 Behavioral Health Composite – vacant
Unit 3 Social Workers Recorder – vacant
Unit 3 Social Workers Senior Shop Steward – vacant

Unit 4 Eligibility Workers Vice President – Patricia Strattman-Clay
Unit 4 Eligibility Workers Recorder – Anna Moreno
Unit 4 Eligibility Workers Senior Shop Steward – Michael Renteria

Unit 4 Job Specialists Vice President – Lorenzo Lambaren
Unit 4 Job Specialists Recorder – vacant
Unit 4 Job Specialists Senior Shop Steward – Raquel Vidal

Unit 12 Clerical Vice President – Emma Lee Pierce
Unit 12 Clerical Recorder – vacant
Unit 12 Clerical Senior Shop Steward – vacant

Unit 12 Paramedical, Building & Service Employees Vice President – Rogenia Cox
Unit 12 Paramedical, Building & Service Employees Recorder – Martha Marron
Unit 12 Paramedical, Building & Service Employees Senior Shop Steward – vacant

Unit 22 Professional & Technical Vice President – John Adams
Unit 22 Professional & Technical Recorder – vacant
Unit 22 Professional & Technical Senior Shop Steward – vacant

Unit 36 Supervisory Vice President – John Jasper
Unit 36 Supervisory Recorder – Sheryl Robledo
Unit 36 Supervisory Senior Shop Steward – Sandra Hearnes

Fresno County Chapter Leadership Structure (PDF)

Chapter Contracts

Applies to all or more than one unit:
Fresno County Addendum Health Insurance 10.20.17 (PDF)
Fresno County Addendum – Agency Shop & Non-Germaine Objector’s Fee 10.19.16 (PDF)
Fresno County Addendum – Employee Grievance Resolution Procedure December 2016 (PDF)
Fresno County Bylaws Ratified January 2016 (PDF)
Fresno County Units 3, 4, 12, 22, 36 Side-letter Voluntary Term Life Insurance (PDF)
Tentative Agreement for Fresno County Units 3, 4, 12, 22, 36 Addendum to MOU for Health Insurance (PDF)

Unit 3 – Social Worker Association:
Fresno County Unit 3 MOU 7.20.15 – 7.29.18 (PDF)

Unit 4 – Eligibility Workers and Job Specialists:
Fresno County Unit 4 MOU 7.20.15 – 7.29.18 (PDF)

Unit 12  Clerical & Technical
Fresno County Unit 12 MOU 7.20.15 – 7.29.18 (PDF)

Unit 22  Professional & Technical
Fresno County Unit 22 MOU 7.20.15 – 7.29.18 (PDF)

Unit 36 – Supervisors:
Fresno County Unit 36 MOU 7.20.15 – 7.29.18 (PDF)

County of Fresno News Archive

Fresno County Chapter General Membership Meeting Minutes 10.10.17 (PDF)
FCERA Town Hall Meeting 9.20.17 (PDF)
Fresno County Newsletter July 2017 (PDF)
FC Nomination and Acceptance Form Due 8.11.17 (PDF)
FC Election Timeline Flyer (PDF)
BVH Study Session 8.5.17 (PDF)
FC Nomination and Acceptance Form Due 8.11.17 (PDF)
FC Membership Meeting DSS, APS, SRC 7.20.17 (PDF)
BVH Report of SJVIA Meeting Flyer 7.13.17 (PDF)
Fresno County Newsletter April 2017 (PDF)
FC EPO Plan Meeting 6.20.17 (PDF)
Fresno County Newsletter March 2017 (PDF)
Fresno County Newsletter February 2017 (PDF)
BVH Report of SJVIA Meeting Flyer 2.28.17 (PDF)
BVH Coalition Meeting Agenda 2.28.17 (PDF)
Fresno County Newsletter January 2017 (PDF)

Fresno County Newsletter December 2016 (PDF)
Fresno County Units 3, 4, 12 & 22 Contract Reopener Survey (PDF)
Fresno County DSS Workplace Survey (PDF)
Fresno County Newsletter November 2016 (PDF)
Fresno County Chapter Meeting Minutes 11.15.16 (PDF)
FC Membership Meeting 11.15.16 (PDF)
SJVIA Healthcare Update – April 29, 2016 (PDF)
Fresno County Budget Hearings (PDF)
SJVIA Update – June 30, 2016 (PDF)
SJVIA Update – June 9, 2016 (PDF)
Understaffing is a Public Safety Issue (PDF)
Three Rivers Leadership Summit (PDF)
SJVIA Update – May 16, 2016 (PDF)
Fresno County Chapter Meeting Minutes 11.15.16 (PDF)
Fresno County Newsletter September 2016 (PDF)
FC, BOS Rally 10.11.16 (PDF)
Fresno County Newsletter July 2016 (PDF)
Fresno County Chapter Meeting Minutes 3.8.16 (PDF)
Fresno County Chapter Meeting Minutes 1.12.16 (PDF)
FC Public Health Dept. Brix Building Meeting 3.7 & 3.21.16 (PDF)
FC County Plaza 3.16.16

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