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We represent nearly 317 workers at Fresno County Unit 2 – Correctional Officers Association

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Breaking News

Make Officer Safety a Priority

In the past year, members have continuously addressed the issue of mandatory over time and short staffing with management. Yet management continues to drag their feet. It is our job to protect the community and it’s management’s job to protect us. Send a clear message to management that we are sticking together and officer safety has to be the County’s priority.

Click here to view flyer:  FC, Unit 2 CO Make Officer Safety a Priority Flyer 4.7.16 (PDF)

SEIU Protects Correctional Officer Seniority

Click here to view flyer: FC Unit 2 COs Escort Officer Position Flyer 2.9.16 (PDF)

Management Violated Your Union Contract by posting the Escort Officer Position as a Specialty Assignment Not Subject to the Seniority Bidding Process.

The Escort Officer Position Shall Be Subject to the Seniority Based Bidding Process outlined in Article 38: Section 11 of your Union Contract.

When We Fight, We Win!

Have a Contract Question?
Need to File A Grievance?
Contact your Union!  We Are Stronger Together!
(559) 447-2576 Contract Enforcement Dept.

PERB Orders Election Re-run of Unit 2

Click here to view flyer: FC PERB Orders Election Re-run of Unit 2 10.20.15 (PDF)

Will we stand stronger together to fight for better wages, living standards for all Fresno County workers? 

When so much is at stake, it is important to get things right.  That’s why PERB has agreed with SEIU Local 521 members who believe last August election had serious irregularities and should be re-run.

We deserve a fair election!
The only way to win is through our collective voice.  We have to stand united to continue winning for all workers.  It’s our job to hold our bosses accountable and we can only do that by standing stronger together!

Time to unite, fight and win!
We now have a new opportunity to show  Management that we will stand united with each other to fight for ourselves and our community.

Laura Basua, Fresno County Chapter President 10.21.14 cropped“We have another chance to make sure all our voices are heard. Together, we won back the wage cuts and a new contract, and if we are to win more, our only chance is to stay united.”
-Laura Basua, Unit 4 Job Specialist III

PERB Decision
For the August election, voter packets were erroneously mailed out on July 16, rather than on July 20 which was the approved date as set by the State Mediation and Conciliation Service (SMCS).

The PERB decision read in part: “SMCS made an inadvertent and honest error but the parties should not have to bear the consequences of that error.”

The parties are directed to meet with SMCS to establish a new voting period for an election re-run.

Health Benefits Update Jan. 19

Click here to view flyer: FC HBAC Update 1.19.16 (PDF)

The Health Benefits Advisory Committee met with the County to continue our negotiations on the 2016 health benefit contributions.

The Board of Supervisors is still considering our proposal and how we can make the health insurance affordable long term for county workers.

WE as union members need to continue to make our voices heard:
Keep sending the message to the County that we need affordable healthcare.

“The County is continuing to review our latest offer. Stay tuned. Please continue to help your union by calling, emailing and writing your Board of Supervisor to let them know how you are being impacted.” -Riley Talford, Fresno County Chapter President and Supervising Juvenile Correctional Officer

“Let’s keep our faith high! Members of our Board of Supervisors have committed to advocate for better health care costs. Let’s continue to encourage them along in making that a reality.” -Barigye McCoy, Fresno County Chapter Unit 12 Division Senior Shop Steward, Health Benefits Advisory Committee Chairperson and Office Assistant III, Assessor/Recorder’s Office

How to reach the Board of Supervisors:
Before work, after work, during breaks.
Call, Write, Fight Win!

Brian Pacheco (559) 600-1000 or email at:
Andreas Borgeas (559) 600-2000 or email at:
Henry Perea (559) 600-3000 or email at:
Buddy Mendes (559) 600-4000 or email at:
Debbie Poochigian (559) 600-5000 or email at:
Fax (559) 600-1609

Members approve Tentative Agreement with Fresno County

FC-TA-Accepted-20150626-webAfter nearly four years, we have a contract in Fresno County! The vote count concluded on June 26 after years of negotiation, rallies, protests and actions.

Read more.

For the most up to date information on 2015 Negotiations, click on the link: Fresno County Bargaining Updates 2015
Sign up for contract updates here:

Stay Informed!  Stay Involved!  Stronger Together!

Chapter Meetings

Next General Membership/Executive Board Meeting

Date: Tuesday, May 10
Time: 6 p.m., dinner at 5:30 p.m.
Location: Union office, 5228 E. Pine Ave., Fresno

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every other month:  May 10 | July 12 | Sept. 13 | Nov. 8

Please RSVP your attendance to or by leaving a message at (559) 447-2579

Click here to view proposed bylaws: Fresno County Proposed Bylaws July 2015 (PDF)

Chapter News

Stay Informed! Stay Involved! Stronger Together!

Fresno County Newsletter Feb. 2016

Click here to view newsletter: Fresno County Newsletter February 2016 (PDF)

In this issue:

  • Chapter President’s message by Riley Talford
  • Next membership meeting March 8
  • Welcome new members
  • Members are back and winning for our community
  • Health benefits update
  • Leadership summit March 19 – postponed, date TBD
  • Contract Enforcement Dept. is here for you
  • U.S. Supreme Court decision that will change our lives
  • Steward training schedule
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Meet your new chapter leadership
  • Join one of our Caucuses

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Steward Trainings:
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Have you received your Correctional Officer promotion and your pay raise?

Click here to print the flyer (PDF)

Fresno County Board of Supervisors has been slow-walking promotions and raises—so we are taking action through our union to ensure that new officers receive the same treatment as senior officers. Take these three steps to get BOTH your promotion and your 5% raise:

  • Get your paperwork in. A copy of qualifying evaluation, written statement (obtain from your union steward) and a copy of promotion application memo.
  • Talk to your union representative: Brenda Smith, (559) 447-2560
  • Be ready to stand together with SEIU 521 in support of equal treatment for all correctional officers.

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Chapter News Archive

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers
Vice President: Julian Arvizu
Senior Shop Steward: vacant
Recorder: Jim Iqbal

Chapter Stewards
Having a problem at work? Contact your worksite steward first:
Shop Steward, Julian Arvizu, Sheriff Department/Jail 488-3939
Shop Steward, Jim Iqbal, Sheriff Department/Jail 488-1901

Chapter Contract(s)

Fresno County Unit 2 MOU 7.20.15 – 7.29.18 (PDF)
Fresno County U2, 3, 4, 12, 22, 36 Sideletter Voluntary Term Life Insurance (PDF)
Fresno County Bylaws Adopted January 2016 (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

Unit 2 Jail Contract ReOpener Ratification Vote 11-5-11.6.15 (PDF)
For 2015 Bargaining Updates click here
FC Negotiations Update Flyer COs Jan. 23 (PDF)

For 2014 Bargaining Updates click here
FC Labor Management Update Flyer 11.6.14 (PDF)
Unit 2 CO Thank You Flyer 3.17.14 (PDF)
Fresno County Health Benefit Agreement Plan 2014
Fresno County Health Benefit Addendum 6.9.14 – 12.7.14 (PDF)
Jail Medical Staff Meeting Flyer Jan. 22 (PDF)

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