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We represent 263 workers at Fresno Superior Courts (Units 6 & 15)

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Breaking News

Join court workers across the state on May 25 for SEIU Court Worker Solidarity Day!
Tipping the Scales Toward Justice

Click here to view flyer: Court Workers Solidarity Day 5.25.16 (PDF)

We work in courtrooms, legal offices, and file rooms throughout the trial courts of California. Together we ensure every court user has access to what they need to obtain justice for their family, community or business.

Our work is isolated in silos across the state, but as SEIU members we know we are never alone. This year we are pushing for greater funding for the trial courts to ensure every court user has access to complete ADA-compliant transcripts and that every employee has access to benefits and raises.

As we seek to increase funding for local court services, it is important that we as SEIU members stand shoulder to shoulder in our request for funding and quality services. Our unity will tip the scales toward justice for all.

Help bring visibility to court workers. It’s easy!

  1. Have a co-worker take your picture or take a selfie before, during, or after work. Group pictures are ok too! Wear purple (if you want), sport your SEIU pins, just make sure we can see your face.
  2. Tweet a photo using the hashtag: #SEIUSolidarity OR
  3. Email or text that photo to or (310) 256-0955. We will compile those images into one giant SEIU Court Worker Solidarity Sharable Image.
  4. Answer the following question on Twitter or Facebook or via email: “I want justice for all court users because ____________ .” #SEIUSolidarity

Bargaining Team Ballots were mailed to your home on Friday, May 20

Ballot Instructions:
In your mailing you will find a ballot, a small white envelope and a self-addressed, postage paid, return envelope.  Please follow these procedures:

  • Cast your vote on the ballot
  • Place the ballot in the small white envelope
  • Place the small white envelope into the self-addressed, postage paid return envelope
  • Seal, SIGN and PRINT NAME on the return envelope
  • Ballots must be received in the Union office by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31

The following members were unopposed and are therefore automatically elected to our Bargaining Team:

  • Child Custody Recommending Counselor/Family Court Mediator – Juan Alvarado
  • JA Office – Maria Maldonado

Chapter Leadership Election Results

The following members have been elected as your chapter leaders:
President – Stacy Obel-Jorgensen
Unit 6 Vice President – Barbara Graves
Unit 15 Vice President – Mary Martinusen
Chief Steward – Vera Coots
Secretary/Treasurer – Lucy Saucedo


Better Valley Health Survey for 521 Members
A Health Survey for SEIU members in the San Joaquin Valley (Fresno County, Tulare County, Kings County, City of Hanford, Kings Superior Courts, Fresno Superior Courts, First Student Chapter, Student Transportation of America, Tulare City of Wasco-Kern)
The San Joaquin Valley is a challenging environment for health and healthcare. As union members, we are at the forefront of working to improve quality-of-life standards for our communities, but as workers we face our own personal health-related issues. This brief survey is designed as the first step to help assess how workers feel about their health/health care coverage and identify wellness programs that could promote better health outcomes.
Take the survey now!

SJVIA Healthcare Update – April 29, 2016
Board will decide on mid-year rate hikes in June
Workers’ Healthcare coalition presence made a difference!

The San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority (SJVIA) was ready to do a mid-year rate hike for every worker at their April meeting.  Our presence made the difference when the board tabled nearly all the items on the agenda and directed staff to look at other options. When we stand together, we can make our voices heard.
Click here to read more!

Better Valley Health – March 21, 2016
Members of the Better Valley Health Coalition, seeking to improve access to healthcare for all residents, spoke up for fairness and partnership at a San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority (SJVIA) board meeting on March 18.
Click here to read more 
Members Stand Up for #BetterValleyHealth.

Chapter Meetings & Events

Units 6 and 15 Meeting

Date: Thursday, June 16
Time: Noon – 1 p.m. (lunch will be provided)
Location: Courthouse, Dept. 50

Please RSVP your attendance at (559) 447-2579 or to

Topics of Discussion:

  • Officer elections results
  • Bargaining Team elections results
  • Negotiations
  • Surveys
  • CAT Team
  • Events/Rallies
  • Membership

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Chapter News

Read the news article about the closing of the all the courtouses outside of the city of Fresno.

Contribute and participate in the SEIU 521 Court blog to take back our courts.

Sign-up for email alerts:

Visit our courts blog: Stop Court Waste

Chapter News Archive

Chapter Leadership

Courts Leadership
President – Stacy Obel-Jorgensen
Unit 6 Vice President – Barbara Graves
Unit 15 Vice President – Mary Martinusen
Chief Steward – Vera Coots
Secretary/Treasurer – Lucy Saucedo

Shop Stewards
Barbara Graves
Natalie Kesterson-Kjar
Doreen Perkins

Chapter Contract(s)

Fresno Superior Court Bylaws (PDF)
Fresno Superior Courts Unit 6 MOU 10.6.14 – 9.30.16 (PDF)
Fresno Superior Courts Unit 15 MOU 10.6.14 – 9.30.16 (PDF)
Fresno Superior Courts Unit 15 Electronic Reporters Transcript Pilot Project Extension 1.1.15 – 6.30.15 (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

Court Update March 2016 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Meeting Flyer 5.19.16 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Flyer 3.17.16
FSC, Leadership Nomination Flyer 2.18.16 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Flyer 12.17.15
FSC Meeting Flyer 11.19.15
FSC Meeting Flyer 10.15.15
FSC Save the Date Flyer 9.17.15
FSC, Odyssey Training and Implementation Flyer 3.6.15
Fact Sheet Oct. 2014
FSC Voluntary Furlough Leave Program Flyer (PDF)
Courts Leadership Nomination Flyer Due May 2 (PDF)
Courts Bargaining Team Nomination Flyer Due May 2 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer 4.15.14 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer March 24 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer March 11 (PDF)

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