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We represent 263 workers at Fresno Superior Courts (Units 6 & 15)

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Bargaining Team Members need to hear from you!  What should we do?
Make YOUR voice heard . . . What do you & your family deserve?

Our contract is set to expire with Fresno Superior Court on September 30, 2014.  The Bargaining Team needs to prepare proposals that represent the true needs of employees and their families.

They must hear from you!  Please take time to fill the survey out and make your needs a priority!

Please return by 6 p.m., Friday, May 2, 2014 by fax to (559) 261-9308 or

Take the survey online at:

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Chapter Meetings & Events
Chapter News
Chapter Leadership: Officers, Stewards, Bargaining Team
Chapter Contract(s)

Chapter Meetings & Events

Notice of Nomination for Chapter Officers
Click here to print flyer: Courts Leadership Nomination Flyer Due May 2 (PDF)

Nominations are now being accepted for chapter officers. To nominate your candidate for chapter officer, you may fax your nomination form to 261-9308, mail it to the union office. You may nominate yourself. Only members can participate. Nominations Close—Friday, May 2, 2014

Chapter Officers:

  • President (open to any member)
  • Two Vice Presidents (must be one member per Unit)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (open to any member)
  • Chief Steward (open to any member)

Notice of Nomination for Bargaining Team Members
Click here to print flyer: Courts Bargaining Team Nomination Flyer Due May 2 (PDF)

Nominations are now being accepted for Bargaining Team members for the upcoming contract negotiations. Each department below is allowed one (1) Bargaining Team member and one (1) alternate:

  • Child Custody Recommending Counselor/Family Court Mediator
  • Court Reporter
  • Office Assistant
  • JA Courtroom
  • JA Office

Only members can participate.  These Bargaining Team members do not reflect chapter leadership who sits on this committee. Members must be in good standing.  Election will be held in May 2014

To nominate members , please submit your nominations in any of the following ways:
Fax: (559) 261-9308
Mail:  SEIU Local 521, 5228 E. Pine Ave., Fresno, CA 93727

ALL nominations must be received in the union office no later than 6:00 p.m. Friday, May 2, 2014

Election Committee Members: Kristi Garcia, Steven Raley, Zoanne Williams

Sign Up Here for Steward Trainings:


Chapter News

Read the news article about the closing of the all the courtouses outside of the city of Fresno.
Contribute and participate in the SEIU 521 Court blog to take back our courts.

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Visit our courts blog: Stop Court Waste

Chapter News Archive

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers
President: Doreen Perkins, Court Reporter, Dept. #50, 457-1643
Vice President, Unit 6: Barbara Graves, Judicial Assistant, Dept. #30, 457-6340
Vice President, Unit 15: Kristi Garcia, Court Reporter, Dept. #54, 457-1647
Secretary/Treasurer: Ginger Lawson, Dept. #50, 457-6345

Chapter Stewards
Having a problem at work? Contact your worksite steward first:
Chief Shop Steward:  Gloria Sauceda, Civil, 457-1508

Bargaining Team
Doreen Perkins, President
Victor Calderon, Outlying Courts JA
Barbara Graves, Judicial Assistant
Annette Gomez, Court Secretary
Irma Nunez, Office Assistant
Suzanne McKennoon, Court Reporter

Chapter Contract(s)

Fresno Superior Court Bylaws (PDF)
Unit 6 Contract 9.23.13 – 9.30.14 (PDF)
Unit 15 Contract 9.23.13 – 9.30.14 (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

FSC Meeting Sisk Flyer 4.17.14 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer 4.15.14 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Sisk Flyer 3.25.14 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer March 24 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Sisk Flyer March 12 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer March 11 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Unit 6 Contract 2.6.13 – 9.29.13 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Unit 15 Contract 2.6.13 – 9.29.13 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter In-Combination Promotions 9.19.12 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter School Visit 9.25.12 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter Step Increases 9.19.12 (PDF)
Courts Contract Ratification Vote Flyer (PDF)
Courts TA Fact Sheet Summary (PDF)
Fresno Courts Survey (PDF)
CCMS Victory Flyer 4 18 12 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Flyer 3.15.12 (PDF)
FSC, Contract Extension Vote Flyer, Aug. 12, 2011 (PDF)
Fresno Superior Court Flyer, April 28, 2011 (PDF)
Courts Chapter Meeting December 20 (PDF)

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