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We represent 263 workers at Fresno Superior Courts (Units 6 & 15)

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Breaking News

Chapter Furlough Pay Back Vote Passes!
Votes were counted on Friday, June 13 at Noon in Dept. 50.  Members unanimously voted YES regarding paying back members for Mandatory Furlough in FY 2012/2013.  members will receive a check on Friday, June 20, 2014 of approximately 4.62% of up to 96 hours of furlough taken in FY 2012/2013.

Your Bargaining Team thanks you for the vote turnout.

The Bargaining team will begin negotiations about July 1, 2014 and will be proposing more economic adjustments for members.  Lookout for upcoming meeting dates and times.

Bargaining Team and Officers Elections

Ballots were mailed to all Unit 6 and 15 members at their home address on Friday, May 16.
Make sure to mail your ballots in to the union office no later than 5 p.m. Thursday, May 29, 2014.

The following members were unopposed and are therefore automatically elected into office.

Bargaining Team Members:
Juan Alvarado – Child Custody Recommending Counselor/Family Court Mediator
Irma Nunez – Office Assistant
Barbara Graves – JA Courtroom
Beatrice Gonzales – JA Office

Court Reporters election is between John Terry and Natalie Kesterson-Kjar 

Courts Leadership
Doreen Perkins – President
Secretary/Treasurer – No nominees, vacant
Chief Steward – No nominees, vacant

Unit 6 Vice President election is between Barbara Graves and Patricia Gonzales
Unit 15 Vice President election is between John Terry and Natalie Kesterson-Kjar

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Chapter Meetings & Events
Chapter News
Chapter Leadership: Officers, Stewards, Bargaining Team
Chapter Contract(s)

Chapter Meetings & Events

Chapter Worksite Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, June 5, noon-1 p.m.
WHERE: Superior Courts, 1100 Van Ness Ave., Dept. 50

Topics of Discussion:
* State Budget-Court Funding
* Court Proposal-Union vs. Unrepresented/Management
* January vs. May revise final legislators update
* Surveys-Received vs. Membership Enrollment
* Bargaining Team & Officers

Meeting – June 5 Flyer  (PDF)

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Chapter News

Read the news article about the closing of the all the courtouses outside of the city of Fresno.
Contribute and participate in the SEIU 521 Court blog to take back our courts.

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Visit our courts blog: Stop Court Waste

Chapter News Archive

Chapter Leadership

Officer and Bargaining Team elections are currently taking place.  All ballots must be received in the union office no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, May 29.

Chapter Contract(s)

Fresno Superior Court Bylaws (PDF)
Unit 6 Contract 9.23.13 – 9.30.14 (PDF)
Unit 15 Contract 9.23.13 – 9.30.14 (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

Courts Leadership Nomination Flyer Due May 2 (PDF)
Courts Bargaining Team Nomination Flyer Due May 2 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Sisk Flyer 4.17.14 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer 4.15.14 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Sisk Flyer 3.25.14 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer March 24 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Sisk Flyer March 12 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer March 11 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Unit 6 Contract 2.6.13 – 9.29.13 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Unit 15 Contract 2.6.13 – 9.29.13 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter In-Combination Promotions 9.19.12 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter School Visit 9.25.12 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter Step Increases 9.19.12 (PDF)
Courts Contract Ratification Vote Flyer (PDF)
Courts TA Fact Sheet Summary (PDF)
Fresno Courts Survey (PDF)
CCMS Victory Flyer 4 18 12 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Flyer 3.15.12 (PDF)
FSC, Contract Extension Vote Flyer, Aug. 12, 2011 (PDF)
Fresno Superior Court Flyer, April 28, 2011 (PDF)
Courts Chapter Meeting December 20 (PDF)

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