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We represent 263 workers at Fresno Superior Courts (Units 6 & 15)

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Fresno Courts Training and Implementation of Odyssey

Click here to print flyer: FSC, Odyssey Training and Implementation Flyer 3.6.15 (PDF)

The union met with human resources regarding the upcoming training and implementation of Odyssey.  Training will be scheduled after work, Saturday or Sunday; overtime will be paid unless you are on vacation and decide to come to training, then it will be straight time.  If coming to training at these times is problematic for you, contact your manager today.  Human resources has told us they will try to work around this if possible, but it is important that you let them know as soon as possible.

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Read the news article about the closing of the all the courtouses outside of the city of Fresno.
Contribute and participate in the SEIU 521 Court blog to take back our courts.

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Chapter Leadership

Courts Leadership
President – Doreen Perkins
Unit 6 Vice President – Barbara Graves
Unit 15 Vice President – Natalie Kesterson-Kjar
Secretary/Treasurer - vacant
Chief Steward - vacant

Shop Stewards
Barbara Graves
Natalie Kesterson-Kjar
Doreen Perkins

Chapter Contract(s)

Fresno Superior Court Bylaws (PDF)
Fresno Superior Courts Unit 6 MOU 10.6.14 – 9.30.16 (PDF)
Fresno Superior Courts Unit 15 MOU 10.6.14 – 9.30.16 (PDF)
Fresno Superior Courts Unit 15 Electronic Reporters Transcript Pilot Project Extension 1.1.15 – 6.30.15 (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

Fact Sheet Oct. 2014 (PDF)
FSC Voluntary Furlough Leave Program Flyer (PDF)
Courts Leadership Nomination Flyer Due May 2 (PDF)
Courts Bargaining Team Nomination Flyer Due May 2 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer 4.15.14 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer March 24 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Dept. 50 Flyer March 11 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Unit 15 Contract 2.6.13 – 9.29.13 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter In-Combination Promotions 9.19.12 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter School Visit 9.25.12 (PDF)
Fresno Courts Sideletter Step Increases 9.19.12 (PDF)
Courts Contract Ratification Vote Flyer (PDF)
Courts TA Fact Sheet Summary (PDF)
Fresno Courts Survey (PDF)
CCMS Victory Flyer 4 18 12 (PDF)
FSC Meeting Flyer 3.15.12 (PDF)
FSC, Contract Extension Vote Flyer, Aug. 12, 2011 (PDF)
Fresno Superior Court Flyer, April 28, 2011 (PDF)
Courts Chapter Meeting December 20 (PDF)

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