Kern County Superior Court

We represent nearly 400 workers at Kern County Superior Court.

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Court Lobby Day on May 17

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Chapter Meetings & Events

Quarterly Shop Steward Meetings
Come back soon for 2018 calendar.
NOTE: Quarterly Shop Steward meetings will begin at 6 p.m.
SEIU Local 521 Office,  1001 17th St.  (Corner of 17th and O)
Please RSVP at (661) 321-4161 to attend.

Steward Workshops in Bakersfield
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Chapter News

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Chapter Newsletter:

The Voice, Oct. 2016 (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Stewards

Having a problem at work? Contact your worksite steward first:
Joann Bergholdt (Courtroom)  (661) 868-2634
Cassandras Collins (Civil Division) (661) 868-5402
Irma Gonzalez (Revenue Recovery)  (661) 868-0688
Arcenia Guzman (Legal Processing)  (661) 868-5294
Rachelle Hill (Civil/Criminal) (661) 868-4965
Joanne Hutton (Courtroom)  (661) 868-2630
Marilyn Iniguez ( Family Law) (661) 824-7100
Linda Krolnik-Wallace (Courtroom)  (661) 868-5286
Jonna Nunn (Courtroom)  (661) 824-7063

Bargaining Team

Joann Hutton
Susan Jones
Tim Brandon
Jonna Nunn
Jane White
Kathy Smith
Reyna Cazares
Marisol Alcantar

Chapter Contract(s)

Kern County Superior Courts is currently in Contract Negotiations. Please contact your bargaining team for more information.

KC Superior Courts Contract (10-01-17 – 09-30-20) (PDF)
Kern County Superior Courts IT Sideletter (PDF)
Kern County Superior Courts CART Sideletter (PDF)
KC Superior Courts  Agreement on OT Compensation (PDF)

Chapter News Archive



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