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Bargaining continues despite impasse
Our bargaining team is still pushing forward with bargaining despite the Board of Governors’ declaration of impasse. We have shown that Binding Arbitration is the industry standard but management is still not ready to accept it.
We are still pushing for Binding Arbitration.
Management is now proposing to follow the recommendation of non-binding arbitration but reserve the right to overturn the decision of an arbitrator in court. We need an impartial authority as the final voice in discipline issues to make employees feel safe and help make Kern Medical become an employer of choice. We can’t continue to train and not retain good workers because of an unjust discipline process.
Let’s protect our workers, our hospital and our community.
Binding Arbitration is the right thing to do for everyone.

We need binding arbitration now!

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Our recent agreement on hiring policy will increase internal promotion and investment in workers. The reduction in workforce policy we agreed to is fair and respects the needs of management and workers.

We need Binding Arbitration now.

We need an impartial authority as the final voice in discipline issues to make employees feel safe and help make Kern Medical become an employer of choice. Management is asking that we use non-binding arbitration but  they want to reserve the right to overrule the outcome. We can’t continue to train and not retain good workers because of an unjust discipline process.

Bargaining and Bylaws Team Election
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We represent over 1,200 workers at Kern Medical.
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We brought Community First to the board
Three days before our contract with Kern County expires, dozens of SEIU Local 521 members flooded the Board of Supervisors meeting on March 24 to continue to push our Community First message.
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Community First @ KMC

Community First - KMC
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Kern Medical Starting Anew (PDF)

Unite to protect our hiring, promotions and recognition practices at Kern Medical (PDF)

Our Seniority is at Stake (PDF)

Nearly 2,500 workers getting 2% back, thanks to union contract (PDF)

History of the Hospital Authority:

The journey from county hospital to hospital authority has taken over two years and a lot of work from members. When we began this process, Kern County Supervisors were considering closing the doors forever. Kern Medical is now profitable and growing. Here are the highlights of the transition from County Hospital to Hospital Authority:

Kern Hospital Authority bill (AB 1350) signed into law – Oct. 12, 2015
Members move Hospital Authority one step closer to reality – June 20, 2014
KMC begins to explore merger – June 9, 2014
Members lobby in Sacramento for Hospital Authority Bill – May 7, 2014
Layoff discussions at KMC – Feb. 11, 2014

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