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#Overtime4Caregivers is overdue

Watch videoCaregivers and supporters took their message of equality and justice Feb. 26 right to Gov. Brown’s Oakland front door, as part of a series of 24 hours of events statewide. Join us in solidarity: Sign the petition to win overtime!

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IHSS Home Care Worker Training Class Schedule for 2015: Click here  

Important note: The overtime and travel time pay changes will be postponed from January 1, 2015 until further notice.  This is due to a decision made by the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. on Dec. 31, 2014. This means that you will be paid the same regular pay rate. Our union and other advocacy organizations are working together to fight back on this issue. We will keep you informed regarding any updates on this matter. 

To know more details, read chapter newsletter Jan. 2015:
English | Spanish Chinese | Tiếng Việt 

Coming up timesheet trainings: 

  • Chinese | Spanish
    Wednesday, January 21 | 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. 
  • English | Spanish | Chinese | Vietnamese
    Mondays, February 9, 23 and March 9 |   9:00 a.m. – noon

All trainings will happen in SEIU Local 521 office at 2302 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95131.  Call to RSVP at 408-678-3365 (English); 408-678-3368 (Spanish); 408-678-3387 (Chinese); 408-678-3377 (Vietnamese).

Chapter Contacts

Union Home Care Hotline:
English: (408) 678-3365 | Chinese: (408) 678-3387
Spanish: (408) 678-3368 | Vietnamese: (408) 678-3377

Public Authority:
. Sign-up for Medical & Dental Benefits, ECO Pass: (408) 350-3290
. Registry – Getting clients: (408) 350-3251

In-Home Supportive Services:
. Social workers: (408) 792-1600
1888 Senter Rd., San Jose, CA 95112

Case Management Information Payroll System ~ State of California
Providers’ Timesheet Processing Status:  1-866-376-7066

Having a problem at work? Contact your steward first.

Chapter Meetings & Events

General Membership Meeting: Sat., February 7, May 2, August 1, October 3 | 10 am- 12 pm | San Jose Union office

Appeal Training:  the third Wednesday of every month 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. or 4 pm-6 pm | San Jose Union office

  • Jan. 21, March 18 ,  May 20,  July 15, Sept. 16, Nov. 18 (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.)
  • Feb. 18, April 15,  June 17, Aug. 19, Oct. 21 (4 p.m. -  6 p.m.)

Chapter Leadership Meeting/Steward Council Meeting: last Saturday of every month | 10 -12 pm | San Jose Union office

Chapter  Leadership Training: 4-6 p.m.

  • COPE/Membership and Orientation Training: Jan 26, June 22
  • Home meeting: Feb 23, July 27
  • Hotline; March 23, Aug 24
  • Appeals Training: April 27, Sept 28
  • History Homecare: May 26, Oct 26 

Steward Workshops
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Chapter Leadership: Officers & Stewards

Chapter Chair: Fred Wikkeling
Chief Steward: Tina Nguyen
Assistant Chief Steward: Khoa Ly, Jo Yang, Lu Xu, Po Ling Wong and Kim Pham

Santa Clara IHSS Officers/Stewards (PDF)

Steward Workshops
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Chapter Contract

Memorandum of Agreement (PDF)

Chapter News Archive

Gov. Brown: Keep your promise #Overtime4Caregivers

Rally for home care overtime in OaklandDemanding equality for all workers, legislators, clergy, seniors and community groups joined caregivers at multiple rallies across the state on Feb. 11, escalating pressure on Gov. Jerry Brown to keep his promise to treat all workers equally under the law and allow In-Home Supportive Services providers to earn overtime pay after a 40-hours work week. Read more…

Overtime pay for home care workers

We continue to fight to get overtime for our home care workers. Home care providers often work around the clock to take care of their clients and deserve the same rights as other workers.

Sign the petition to win overtime!

Santa Clara Home Care Newsletter, June 2014 (PDF):  English | Spanish | Chinese |  Vietnamese 

Home care workers win overtime
Home care rally, June 5We won a victory on June 15 by getting overtime pay for our home care workers. #EveryHourCounts
Learn more.

New Contract Strengthens Home Care Program in Santa Clara County

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