Child Care News


SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers have been hard at work moving our profession forward and making sure parents and providers have a voice and a seat at the table when decisions are made that impact child care.

California’s child care system is broken, underfunded, and inaccessible, leaving hard working parents struggling to access quality, affordable child care and providers struggling in poverty wage jobs. That’s why early educators are uniting with parents and other stakeholders to fight for a system that ensures all parents have access to dependable care and all providers earn livable wages and a strong, united voice on the job.

Are you interested in being part of our movement to fix California’s broken child care system? Click here to get in touch with someone and learn how you can get involved. If you’re ready to take the next step and become a member of SEIU 521, click here.

Community partners and Santa Clara County members hosted a series of three “Our Community, Our County, Our Future” forums in Gilroy, Mountain View, and San Jose on July 20, July 27, and August 3 respectively. More than 200 community members shared stories and discussed how we can work together to build a better Santa Clara County. Calls were made to increase revenues in order to fund important housing, child care, and healthcare services provided by the county.

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