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SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers have been hard at work moving our profession forward and making sure parents and providers have a voice and a seat at the table when decisions are made that impact child care.

California’s child care system is broken, underfunded, and inaccessible, leaving hard working parents struggling to access quality, affordable child care and providers struggling in poverty wage jobs. That’s why early educators are uniting with parents and other stakeholders to fight for a system that ensures all parents have access to dependable care and all providers earn livable wages and a strong, united voice on the job.

Are you interested in being part of our movement to fix California’s broken child care system? Click here to get in touch with someone and learn how you can get involved. If you’re ready to take the next step and become a member of SEIU 521, click here.

CalMatters: Why We Must Expand California’s Child Care System

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SEIU California Workers Applaud Budget That Aims to put California Dream in Reach for All

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2018 Year in Review

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Family Child Care Providers meet with Department of Social Services to talk issues


On Dec. 3, Family Child Care Providers met with the California Department of Social Services in Sacramento to address issues related to licensing, mandated reporting, safety and upcoming policies.

The 20 Family Child Care Providers who attended had the opportunity to share their specific concerns, such as accommodating the special needs of children under their care. (more…)

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Together We Rise Newsletter – December 2018


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Parents sign thousands of petitions calling for Family Child Care Providers to obtain the right to collective bargaining


Fresno Parent Sonia Nash signs our parent petition calling for Family Child Care Providers to have the right to collective bargaining.

Sonia Nash knows her child is in good hands in the daycare run by Family Child Care Provider Marcella Graves, but she worries Graves, and other providers like her, cannot enjoy the same sense of security over their own livelihoods because of California’s broken and underfunded child care system.


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Family Child Care Provider Patricia Moran hosts Walk A Day with Assemblymember Evan Low


Circle time on Oct. 25 included a very special guest in Patricia Moran’s daycare center as the longtime Family Child Care Provider introduced Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) to the children in her care. The representative for California’s 28th Assembly District saw firsthand what the work of Family Child Care Providers entails, resulting in his support for #ChildCareForAll

“It was a great teaching opportunity,” Patricia said about the Walk A Day visit she hosted in her home. “He told me he reads the bills put before him, but he doesn’t always realize what really goes on. During this visit to my daycare, he was able to put real faces alongside the text and see the clear benefit that early care and education has on the lives of our children and families.”

Proveedora de Cuidado Infantil Patricia Moran recibe al Asambleísta Evan Low en su centro


Un invitado especial participó durante la hora de cuento en el centro de la Proveedora de Cuidado Infantil Patricia Moran el 25 de octubre cuando ella presentó el Asambleísta Evan Low a los niños que cuida. El representante del Distrito 28 de la Asamblea de California presenció el trabajo que desempeñan las Proveedoras de Cuidado Infantil, lo cual resultó en su apoyo por #CuidadoInfantilParaTodos

“Fue una gran oportunidad de aprendizaje,” Patricia dijo sobre la visita Walk A Day o “Camina Un Día” que ella llevó a cabo en su hogar. “Él me dijo que lee los proyectos de ley que le ponen en frente, pero no todo tiempo tiene la oportunidad de saber que es lo que en realidad sucede. Durante su visita a mi centro, pudo poner rostros verdaderos al lado del texto y ver claramente el beneficio que tiene el cuidado infantil y la educación en las vidas de nuestros niños y nuestras familias.”

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Family Child Care Providers Volunteer To Get Out The Vote, Because When We Vote, WE WIN!

Gavin Newsom with SEIU Local 521 Family Child Care Providers in the Central Valley.

Gavin Newsom with SEIU Local 521 Family Child Care Providers in the Central Valley.

SEIU Local 521 Family Child Care Providers volunteered hundreds of hours to encourage voter turnout during the November midterm election. Our hard work —which included texting, canvassing and phonebanking— helped elect Gavin Newsom for governor, which sets the stage for our bill to win collective bargaining rights for Family Child Care Providers in 2019.

Newsom met with Family Child Care Providers Local-wide during the course of their GOTV efforts leading up to Nov. 6. He showed support for #ChildCareForAll and #UnionsForAll as he promised to support Family Child Care Providers, parents and children to help fix our broken, underfunded and inaccessible child care system.


Family Child Care Provider Maricela Cortez, right, phone banks alongside her family and fellow providers in Fresno.

On many evenings, after handing over the last child in her care to their parents, Maricela Cortez, a Family Child Care Provider in Parlier for 15 years, rounded up her own family and drove 20 miles northbound to help turn out the vote. She is hopeful their efforts will pay off and the new governor will deliver.

“Gavin Newsom showed us he cared very much about our fight for quality early child care and education, so we are hoping that 2019 will finally be the year in which our new state governor fulfills his promise to help us win a seat at the table and affordable child care for all,” Maricela said.

Proveedoras se unen como voluntarias para promover el voto, porque ¡cuando votamos, ganamos!

Banco de llamadas en Watsonville.

Las Proveedoras dedicaron centenares de horas promoviendo el sufragio durante las elecciones. Nuestro arduo trabajo —que incluyó mandar mensajes de texto, tocar puertas y muchas llamadas telefónicas— ayudó a que se eligiera como gobernador a Gavin Newsom y a Tony Thurmond como superintendente escolar de California. Esto ayuda a impulsar nuestro proyecto de ley para que las Proveedoras ganen el derecho de negociar colectivamente en el 2019.

Newsom se reunió con las proveedoras de cuidado infantil familiar a través del Sindicato Local durante el curso de los esfuerzos por promover el sufragio hasta el 6 de noviembre. Mostró su apoyo por el #CuidadoInfantilParaTodos y #SindicatosParaTodos al prometer su apoyo a las Proveedoras de Cuidado Infantil Familiar, padres y niños para ayudar a reparar nuestro fracturado sistema de cuidado infantil, que no cuenta con suficientes fondos y es inasequible.

Durante muchas tardes, después de entregar el último niño bajo su cuidado a sus padres, Maricela Cortez, una Proveedora de Cuidado Infantil Familiar en Parlier durante 15 años, reunió a su propia familia y se trasladó 20 millas hacia el norte para ayudar a promover el voto. Ella espera que sus esfuerzos tengan recompensa y que el nuevo gobernador cumpla.

“Gavin Newsom nos mostró que le importa mucho nuestra lucha por el cuidado infantil y la educación temprana, así que esperamos que el 2019 por fin sea el año en el cual nuestro nuevo gobernador estatal cumpla su promesa de ayudarnos a ganar una silla en la mesa y lograr el cuidado infantil asequible para todos,” Maricela dijo.

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Salinas community supports Family Child Care Providers during annual Veterans Day Parade


On Nov. 11, Family Child Care Providers participated in the 8th annual Monterey County Veterans Day Parade honoring the service and sacrifice of those who have served our country in uniform. We were greeted with big support from community members in Salinas who signed about 100 petitions calling for providers and parents to have a seat at the table.

Elvira Ruiz, a Family Child Care Provider in Watsonville for 23 years, proudly wore her yellow and purple shirt and joined the group as they spoke to hundreds of event attendees about the state’s child care crisis.

“We were excited to see the overwhelming support from the community of Salinas who signed our petition calling for the right to collective bargaining,” Elvira said. “Residents understand the child care crisis our state is facing and are asking for a solution for all families to receive quality, accessible and affordable child care.”

Salinas apoya a las Proveedoras de Cuidado Infantil durante desfile anual del Día de Veteranos


Las Proveedoras de Cuidado Infantil participaron en el 8avo anual Desfile del Día de Veteranos del Condado de Monterey el 11 de noviembre. Fue para honrar el servicio y sacrificio de los uniformados que sirvieron a nuestro país. Residentes de Salinas nos mostraron gran apoyo firmando alrededor de 100 peticiones que exigen una silla en la mesa para proveedores y padres.

Elvira Ruiz, quien ha sido Proveedora de Cuidado Infantil Familiar en Watsonville durante 23 años, usó su playera amarilla y púrpura con orgullo y se unió al grupo mientras platicaban sobre la crisis de cuidado infantil en el estado con cientos de asistentes durante el evento.

“Estábamos emocionadas al ver el gran apoyo departe de la comunidad de Salinas al firmar nuestra petición, la cuál pide el derecho de negociar colectivamente,” Elvira dijo. “Los residentes entienden la crisis de cuidado infantil que nuestro estado enfrenta y piden una solución para que todas las familias tengan acceso al cuidado infantil de calidad y asequible.”


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With Newsom Victory, SEIU CA Members Position California to Advance Bold Vision for Inclusion & Justice

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Family Child Care Providers Rise Up for 10/4 National Day of Action


The child care crisis is not imaginary; it has real consequences for real children. That’s why, on October 4, hundreds of SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers took part in a National Day of Action calling for #ChildCareForAll and #UnionsForAll. More than 600 people rallied in support throughout SEIU 521.

In Watsonville, San Jose, and Fresno, Family Child Care Providers joined other non-union workers, as well as fellow members of SEIU 521, to proclaim that we won’t give up until we win quality, affordable child care and union rights for all workers.


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From LA to the Bay, child care providers have a plan to win (Desde Los Angeles hasta el area de la bahía, proveedoras de cuidado infantil tienen un plan para ganar)


NPAEkOn Saturday, September 8, over 50 Family Child Care Providers from all over California came together for our monthly Statewide Action Committee meeting. This month, the meeting was held in San Jose.

From LA to the Bay Area and everywhere in between, providers came together to discuss our plan for winning the right to bargain a union contract and quality family child care for all California families.



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Family Child Care Providers Rise Up & Demand Better on Labor Day (Proveedores de Cuidado Infantil se levantan y exigen algo mejor en el Día del Trabajo)



This Labor Day, tens of thousands of union members rose up and celebrated the vital contributions we make to life in our communities at dozens of events all across California. SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers were front and center at events up and down the state.

But these rallies were about more than just celebrating the past victories of the labor movement. From Bakersfield to Oakland, SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers proclaimed loud and proud that we won’t stop until we win a union contract of our own and a fully-funded system that provides quality, accessible, and affordable child care to all.


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We’re educating lawmakers through in-district meetings (las Proveedoras de Cuidado Infantil Familiar se reunieron con muchos de nuestros funcionarios electos)



Politics affect many aspects of Family Child Care Providers’ lives, including the reimbursement rates that determine our income, the decisions about how the child care program is run, and the rules and regulations that affect our daycares and working lives. Without a voice in these decisions, we are powerless to shape our profession. (more…)

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Providers meet with Califorinia Department of Education (Junta con el Departamento de Educacion)



On August 2, Family Child Care Providers from SEIU 521, SEIU 99, and AFSCME UDW-Child Care Providers United met with officials from the California Department of Education (CDE). It is important for us as Family Child Care Providers to have a working relationship with CDE, so that we can have a voice in decisions that impact us and the children we care for. At this meeting, we discussed:


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America Needs Unions (América Necesita Uniones)

ANU Town Hall 2


On July 21, over 300 working people, including dozens of Family Child Care Providers, attended the America Needs Unions Town Hall at SEIU 521’s San Jose office with US Representatives Zoe Lofgren and Ro Khanna, California Assemblymember Ash Kalra, and local elected officials and candidates.


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Blue Ribbon Commission Hearing in Fresno (Audiencia de la Comisión Blue Ribbon en Fresno)



On July 11, SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers in the Central Valley attended a hearing of the California Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Education. The Blue Ribbon Commission was established to find ways to provide more services to working families and children in California who desperately need access to quality, affordable child care.


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Child care providers attend Grassroots Assembly in D.C., speak out against detentions at the border


(L-R) Early childhood educator Morgan Pringle, US Representative Maxine Waters, and SEIU 521 Member and Family Child Care Provider Nancy Harvey

Our elected leaders need to make child care and early education a national priority.

Hundreds of child care providers and activists from around the county came to Washington, D.C. on June 19 and 20 to share their stories and advocate for elected leaders to make child care and early education a national priority. This event was the latest step in a campaign to win greater public investment to solve the child care crisis in our country. (more…)

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Child Care convention in Chicago brings providers together from across the country

Photo Jun 16, 10 00 44 AM (1)
On June 15 and 16, dozens of family child care providers, child care center directors, teachers, and early childhood educators gathered in Chicago to discuss the future of our profession.

Over the course of two days, people discussed a range of topics from how to be better leaders, how to move the child care profession forward, how to collaborate on our common goals, and how to best address the challenges we all face. (more…)

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SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers fight for Measure A in Alameda County

barbara lee wilma chan members union signs

SEIU 521 Family Child Care Providers and members, along with community allies, with US Representative Barbara Lee and Alameda County District 3 Supervisor Wilma Chan

Despite a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication from early childhood educators, family child care providers and SEIU 521 members and an outpouring of support from voters, the final results show that Measure A fell just short of the two-thirds vote needed to pass.

Measure A was supported by a broad coalition of parents, early child care and K-12 educators, elected leaders, medical professionals, and many more. This effort was a tremendous first step in drawing attention to the growing child care crisis in California and educating lawmakers and our communities.


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