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Representing 40,000 members in the South Bay Area, Central Coast and Central Valley, SEIU Local 521 brought together workers from five locals into a single, more powerful group of workers who stand stronger together.

Now, more than ever, California workers need a powerful, unified voice to improve wages, benefits and working conditions.

Are you looking to organize a union at your workplace? Have questions about forming a union? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you start building a brighter future for you and your co-workers today.

SEIU Local 521 Organizing Campaigns

Raising California Together

California Child Care Providers are uniting to improve our state’s early education system. Check out the campaign here.

1,001 Leaders: Lawrence Torres

In the face of anti-worker attacks like the impending Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case, our union has created our Together We Rise campaign to say loud and proud that #AmericaNeedsUnions. We are committed to resisting these attacks and building a stronger union through member engagement, leadership development, and political mobilization.

Part of that commitment involves identifying and developing 1,001 new leaders like Lawrence; workers who not only give back to our community every day on the job but who lead the way to ensure that their co-workers’ union rights are protected.

Lawrence was born and raised in Bakersfield and was taught by his parents to give back to our community in whatever ways he can. As a Weights and Measures Inspector, Lawrence’s work helps keep our community honest and builds trust. Learn more about his story by watching the short video below.

Follow Lawrence’s lead: Become one of SEIU Local 521’s 1,001 Leaders!

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Terminated Worker Wins Reinstatement


Newly re-instated Salud Para La Gente worker Liliana Chavez (left) with her union Steward Adriana Huerta (right).

Liliana Chavez returned to work at Salud Para La Gente on July 31, after filing a grievance under her SEIU contract. Although grievances give unions the power to challenge an employer’s actions, the grievance process also allows the parties to engage in fact-finding to determine if those actions were proper.

Liliana and her union steward Adriana Huerta met with the CEO of Salud Para La Gente; they explained in detail why we believe the decision to terminate Liliana was improper. After Liliana and Adriana made their case, the CEO agreed that not all of the facts had been brought to light during Salud’s investigation. She agreed to reinstate Liliana to her job.

“I was glad to be a part of Liliana’s fight for her rights. This case allowed me to grow and become more involved with our union, it was a challenge that was well worth it. I hope this encourages other members to not settle for less and to fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs.”

-Adriana Huerta, Billing Clerk for Salud Para La Gente and SEIU 521 Steward. Find out how you can become a Steward like Adriana and help your coworkers stand up for themselves!

Without a union, workers would have no recourse when they are improperly terminated. We appreciate that the managers of Salud Para La Gente did the right thing, and we are very happy that our grievance process had a good outcome. Welcome back, Liliana!

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Sergio: What’s Your Vision for America?

MPO Sergio

Read why Sergio is getting involved and taking action as a Member Political Organizer at SEIU 521. Then share your vision for America below!

This election, our six Member Political Organizers are focused on five issues essential for building stronger communities across America:

Share your comments below.


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Raising California Together Brings Childcare to Capitol

IMG_20150819_093121_resizedThe Raising California Together coalition brought child care to the capitol…literally! The coalition erected a mock child care outside of the State Capitol to showcase the important work family child care providers do. Family child care providers Pam Sharp and Nancy Gray brought their classrooms to the capitol and shared early learning strategies that demonstrate how important quality child care is for working women and their children.

Senator Kevin de Leon speaks to children in a pop-up classroom outside the Capitol

Senator Kevin de Leon speaks to children in a pop-up classroom outside the Capitol

In addition to the pop-up child care center, providers participated in a series of lobby visits at the Capitol to call for Governor Brown’s signature on SB 548 (De León). Parents, providers and advocates know that SB548 represents an important opportunity for hard-working women in California and must be a top legislative priority.


Ana Rodriguez, from Watsonville, represents Local 521 childcare providers at the Capitol.

Ana Rodriguez, from Watsonville, represents Local 521 childcare providers at the Capitol.

SB 548 would allow child care providers to collectively bargain for improvements to a child care system in crisis. Early educators who provide care through the state’s patchwork child care system are paid an average of $4.98 an hour, destabilizing a workforce that has lost 30% of the state’s providers since 2007.

Today, one million children lack access to the early learning that builds their brains and prepares them for success in K-12 learning and beyond.

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Join the Member Action Program!

The most powerful way to connect with workers is through our stories and experiences as members of SEIU Local 521. Only members can talk about the real union difference and how it impacts our wages, benefits and quality of life.

Why Join the Member Action Program?

*Member organizers will receive training and have fun making a serious difference in the lives of working families.
*Workshops will focus on real-life organizing opportunities and challenges.
*Get hands-on experience on current SEIU Local 521 organizing campaigns and help make a difference in the lives of unorganized workers.

“SEIU Local 521 is committed to empowering unorganized workers and giving them a stroJensenWeb1ng voice to make real improvements to their profession and quality of life. But it’s up to us, the members, to show workers the true power of the union difference. We are living, breathing examples of what we can accomplish together.” -Jennifer Jensen, Chair, Member Action Program.

Make the Commitment Today!3D Join Today Button Click Here Block Text

Interested in joining the Member Action Program? You can print and fill out the sign-up form here.


Phone: Jennifer Jensen, Member Action Program Chair, (559) 704-8384; Jenny Garibay, Organizer, (661) 492-1576

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