International Convention Delegate Counts Per Chapter

Obtaining Signatures:

Each nominee must obtain signatures from SEIU Local 521 members in good standing (from any 521 chapter) to support their nomination. Only full members in good standing may sign a petition. We encourage you to get more signatures than required, should one or more of your signatures be invalid. Although the petitions can be signed by any SEIU 521 members, the number of signatures required of you is dependent on the size of your chapter. To confirm your chapter’s size, review the charts below.

  • Small chapters (1 – 199 members); Retired members: 10 signatures or half the chapter membership, whichever is smaller.
  • Medium chapters (200 – 1,999 members): 20 signatures.
  • Large chapters (2,000 or more members): 30 signatures.

Download the PDF file for the convention delegate counts per chapter.



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