Training Workshops

SEIU 521’s Education & Training Committee is proud to sponsor Training Workshops. Our union is growing. With the help of our dedicated members, leaders and stewards, SEIU Local 521 will continue to direct the power of our union back into the workplace where it belongs.

Steward Workshops

Steward Training

Contact your organizer or your union office for the next Steward training in your area.

Additional Resource:
SEIU Stewards Manual

Member 2 Member Training Workshops

We have the power to unite more workers to build a stronger union. Member organizers will receive training and have fun making a serious difference in the lives of working families. Workshops will focus on real-life organizing opportunities and challenges.

Schedule coming soon

To register and for additional information contact Jennifer Jensen, Chair, Member Organizing Program (559) 704-8384 or Jenny Garibay, (661) 492-1576.

Organizing Leadership Training

Member leaders will learn the skills that will help them to build stronger worksites, develop community connections and support, learn how to effectively engage co-workers to participate in our union and to understand and communicate the importance of ‘worker-friendly’ politics, and more.

Chief Stewards, Assistant Chiefs, Officers, Delegates are highly encouraged to attend and become certified.

Schedule coming soon


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