Year in Review – 2014

521: When we fight, we win!

SEIU Local 521 members know that workers win when we put our communities first

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In 2014, our members stayed strong on the frontlines, delivering quality public services from the coast of Monterey County to the heart of the Central Valley. Local 521’s 55,000 members are committed to ensuring government services are open and transparent, and we recognize we are the strongest advocates for the people we serve.

Statewide, our members joined with thousands of other SEIU eligibility workers in California to push for a new law to help get more resources to the neediest families in our communities by simplifying the application process and shortening lines for applications.

Another significant win involved SEIU court workers who successfully lobbied for more funding for California’s justice system. In the process, we also changed the rules in Sacramento to increase transparency and the public’s ability to comment in court policy meetings.

Our “Community First” vision shone in Kern County, where county officials were publicly discussing shutting down the region’s only public hospital. Members at Kern Medical Center successfully lobbied for an alternative path. Workers helped craft state legislation for a Hospital Authority to oversee the hospital, allowing it more flexibility to operate and grow in a post-Affordable Care Act world.

And, of course, “Community First” is what drove us to win a living wage ordinance in the Santa Clara County where starting July 2015, contractors will pay workers $19.06 an hour with provisions for healthcare, retirement, fair work week and more.

2015 will be about expanding the “Fight for $15” movement and growing our worker power by engaging more members as leaders. We know we win when we mobilize around critical workplace and community issues. We know we win when we put “Community First.”

COPE and Membership

To win for working people and rebuild the American Dream, SEIU supports elected officials and candidates who share our vision of a nation that invests in good jobs and opportunities for all, not just the richest 1%, while working to create a fair pathway to citizenship for every immigrant worker and universal healthcare for all.

To win, we need to come together—in other words—organize. If the chart below makes you mad, then do something! Become a full member today—and sign up for COPE!

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